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Intelligent Virtual Contact Center. Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

This is IRENA. Intelligent Virtual Contact Center by Deloitte that can handle expected and unexpected spikes in inbound and outbound communication. No matter from which channel.


Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

The quickest, clearest, and easiest solution for providing information and resources to help refugees adapt to their new country and life situation.

When crisis situations occur, governments, NGOs, and inter-governmental organizations are receiving massive call numbers – people seeking help on one end and volunteers wanting to provide help on the other. But refugees need to settle in peace, get the right information quickly and know where to go or who to contact. Without controlled organization, chaos ensues. But this is not the case with the Intelligent Virtual Contact Center IRENA FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

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Initial Assistance

When refugees initially arrive, they seek assistance with the most essential needs – housing, food, and clothing. Governments and NGOs are receiving peak numbers of calls from people seeking help and volunteers wanting to assist or provide these essential resources. IRENA FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT helps organizations seek out a quick way to scale up their capabilities, answer simple questions at any time and provide some relief to human phone operators.

Key Benefits

  • icon Increased workforce with Smartbot assistance
  • icon Relieved operators, no longer the front line
  • icon 24-hour service to callers
  • icon Cloud-based communication

Medical and Mental Help

Once the essential needs of refugees are taken care of, they often seek medical assistance and mental help. Refugees need access to doctors, psychologists, medication, medical insurance, registration in the medical system, and knowledge of medical facility locations.

Often in their native language. IRENA FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT can guide refugees through a series of questions to understand their needs and provide them with the required information without human assistance.

Key Benefits

  • icon Increased workforce with Smartbot assistance
  • icon Single interface for call operations and data entry
  • icon No more long waiting times for urgent needs
  • icon Call operators and medical staff onboarded in minutes


Refugees also need help with acclimating and adjusting to their host country – people need proper documents, legal assistance, cultural information, and help with finding a new job. Governments and organizations are often ready to help but need an effective way to provide the refugees with resources and information. IRENA FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT serves as the quickest, clearest, and easiest solution for providing such information and resources to help refugees adapt to their new country.

Key Benefits

  • icon Quick organization into a single, easy platform
  • icon Smartbot-assisted data entry & registration
  • icon Managed number of calls through smartbots
  • icon Quick access to employment resources

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