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Intelligent Virtual Contact Center. Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

This is IRENA. Intelligent Virtual Contact Center by Deloitte that can handle expected and unexpected spikes in inbound and outbound communication. No matter from which channel.


Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

Protect citizens' individual rights and give them quick answers while staying within a limited budget.

Government is here to protect the individual rights of citizens, but also to provide important services that are essential for a well-functioning society. Most ministries have phone lines and call operators set up for this purpose; however, citizens often complain that it is impossible to reach call operators or get quick answers to questions. To save costs, ministries are usually constrained and accept this as standard. What if we told you that with Deloitte’s Intelligent Virtual Contact Center IRENA FOR GOVERNMENT SUPPORT, you canscale up your contact capabilities to meet citizen demand while staying within a limited budget?

Scale up your Contact center
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Residents often call a government ministry to schedule or reschedule an appointment. They often spend hours on hold and finally end up coming into the office because they were unable to make an appointment by phone or online. As a result, ministries get a bad reputation for providing services. With IRENA FOR GOVERNMENT SUPPORT, ministries can massively improve their contact capabilities without having to add additional call operators or make long-term investments. Voicebots & Chatbots can answer calls instantly and help provide information or schedule appointments, while operators can handle more complex questions.

Key Benefits

  • icon Immediate connection to a Smartbot
  • icon Easy Smartbot scheduling
  • icon Automated navigation through platforms
  • icon Immediate solution with no long-term investment

Subsidy Info

When the government approves an extraordinary subsidy for its citizens, it asks them to follow instructions and register. The government wants to provide an easy system for answering questions and providing information, but it does not always succeed. For this, IRENA FOR GOVERNMENT SUPPORT is the perfect solution – by scanning a QR code from a website or a poster, anyone can start a conversation with a Chatbot or jump on a call with a Voicebot. The Bot can help answer questions or guide people to useful information, and, for more complex queries, connect the caller to a human agent.

Key Benefits

  • icon Easy access to information via QR code
  • icon Smartbot-assisted contact experience
  • icon Enrolment assistance with Smartbots
  • icon Easy feedback from contacts

Status Updates

After a visa appointment, a foreigner finds their academic transcript and wonders if it is missing in their application. A couple applies for a marriage certificate and hasn’t heard back from the office for a few weeks. In both cases, people need updates on the status of their cases. They try calling the appropriate offices, but it seems impossible to reach anyone. Both situations can be resolved with IRENA FOR GOVERNMENT SUPPORT. In the first case, a Voicebot or Chatbot could directly access the foreigner’s case, provide a status update, and mention any missing documents. In the second case, the Smartbot could provide a status update on the marriage certificate via an application number.

Key Benefits

  • icon Immediate assistance from Smartbots
  • icon Workers able to focus on in-office tasks
  • icon Real-time translation in 60+ languages
  • icon Multi-factor authorization for security

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