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Intelligent Virtual Contact Center. Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

This is IRENA. Intelligent Virtual Contact Center by Deloitte that can handle expected and unexpected spikes in inbound and outbound communication. No matter from which channel.


Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

When patients get the information they need. Quickly. Effectively. In different languages. In a GDPR-approved form.

If you’ve ever made a doctor’s appointment or tried to get feedback from a medical exam, you probably know how difficult it is to reach someone on a call. With Intelligent Virtual Contact Center IRENA FOR HEALTHCARE, patients no longer have to deal with this experience. With a GDPR-approved patient contact system, hospitals and doctors can now follow up with clients to provide medical results and allow for easy scheduling.

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When going to the hospital or searching for a healthcare institution, citizens face several obstacles: unanswered calls or long wait times for receptionists, a series of documents and paperwork, a need to repeat different steps when documents are missing, and a way to connect with the right doctors. IRENA FOR HEALTHCARE allows for a smooth onboarding process that can often be completed through self-service. The patient is provided with a QR code to access the Intelligent Contact Center. Chatbot then guides the patient through registration.

Key Benefits

  • icon Immediate connection to a Voicebot
  • icon Bots ask questions and fill in forms
  • icon Real-time translation in 60+ languages
  • icon Quickly accessible resource database


After the patient has been onboarded, it is important to understand their potential chronical problems, allergies, past vaccinations, and other immediate problems. IRENA FOR HEALTHCARE allows for pre-medical self-assessment using Voicebots and Chatbots. Bots will go through a standardized series of questions and when further details are required, they can ask follow-up questions. All answers are recorded into the medical facility so that no manual work is required.

Key Benefits

  • icon Pre-medical checks on the phone
  • icon GDPR-approved data collection
  • icon Real-time translation in 60+ languages
  • icon Bots input data directly to the medical system

Medical Exam

During the medical examination or aftercare, patients, doctors, and other staff need to communicate. In case the patient is from a foreign country, a language barrier often exists. Although there are several free translation services, they typically lack HIPAA certification and GDPR compliance. IRENA FOR HEALTHCARE can support dialogue translation and conversation in real time, while meeting the strict security and compliance policies, both GDPR principles and tech components that are HIPAA certified.

Key Benefits

  • icon Immediate translation available
  • icon GDPR approved, HIPAA certified
  • icon Real-time translation in 60+ languages
  • icon Multi-factor authorization for security

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