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Intelligent Virtual Contact Center. Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

This is IRENA. Intelligent Virtual Contact Center by Deloitte that can handle expected and unexpected spikes in inbound and outbound communication. No matter from which channel.


Your Extra Contact Center Capacities

Automate outbound communication. No more late payments or no-shows at appointments.

Whether it’s an appointment reminder, an update on the status of an application, or a request for information, all organizations send outbound communication at some point. With Deloitte’s Intelligent Virtual Contact Center IRENA FOR OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, all of these outbound messages can be easily automated by sending notifications for different situations – for example, as a reminder for a doctor’s appointment, during the promotion of a new product when a company can use the contact center to notify its existing customers, or in the case of a city emergency when the government can use the contact center to alert its citizens.

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Marketing Campaigns

A telephone company has created a new benefit for upgrading to a specific plan – any current customer can upgrade to the new plan, and, in return, they will receive a brand-new phone of their choice. The company wants to let its customers know about the new promotion, but wants to create a more personal experience. By using the outbound communication features of IRENA FOR OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, the company can do just that. Instead of sending a text message with a link, it can send one that offers a chance to get more details through interaction with a virtual operator. Customers can interact with Smartbots instead of navigating through a series of web pages.

Key Benefits

  • icon Interactive Smartbot-supported text messages
  • icon Interaction with NLP capabilities
  • icon Two-way discussion
  • icon Customizable, extended contact scripts

Emergency Alerts

A storm is quickly closing in on the city. Based on the size of the storm, weather forecasters assume that it will impact residents in several ways – road visibility will be affected, streets will likely flood, water levels in the river will rise, and public transportation will likely be delayed. The city wants to ask citizens to stay indoors, and communicate this information in an easy, reliable way. IRENA FOR OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS would play a vital role in spreading the news and informing the city residents. Prior to any emergency, we would set up a plan and create call scripts for various potential emergencies. And if a storm was approaching, the city could send out an emergency alert to all residents via text messages.


  • Slow outreach
  • Lack of information
  • Single-language notices
  • No feedback


  • Quick communication in minutes
  • Thorough information provided
  • Communication in 60+ languages
  • Citizens can leave feedback & questions


A doctor’s office has a full appointment schedule but there are usually 2 to 3 no-shows every day. A utility company notices that many residents are late with their monthly payments. The Ministry of the Interior, in charge of processing visa applications and issuing ID cards, has noticed that many applicants show up days after their appointments and claim to have forgotten their appointment dates. With IRENA FOR OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, organizations can automate communication with their clients and customers – this includes the ability to send reminders. With automated reminders, organizations can remind people about scheduled appointments or payments 24 hours in advance.


  • Missed appointments
  • Late payments
  • No cancellation option
  • One-way communication


  • Better attendance rates
  • On-time payments through reminders
  • Ability to cancel appointments
  • Interactive communication

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