Credit Bulletin 3/2019

October 2019  

The third Credit Bulletin 2019 contains a selection of Deloitte-publications with relevance to the credit business, securitisation, credit treasury, asset based finance, structured finance, DCM et al. Various articles are available in German and English, the articles from the international Deloitte-network are in English.


  • Weighted average maturity in securitisation
    EBA consultation
  • STS framework for synthetic securitisations
    Out for consultation
  • Umgang mit Nachhaltigkeitsrisiken
  • Think you know enough about Credit Risk Management?
    Follow our advanced online course and start to understand the iceberg 
  • Provisioning for new non-performing loans
    ECB revises supervisory expectations
  • Principles for Responsible Banking
    130 banks commit themselves
  • Disclosure under the new Securitisation Regulation
    ESMA Reporting Instructions
  • Banking 2030 will be utterly different
    Eight key trends
  • Elektronische Wertpapiere
    Gesetzentwurf noch in diesem Jahr 
  • Credit Pool Tokeniser
    Using blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance securitisation transactions
  • Credit Bulletin 2/2019
    July 2019
  • Brexit & the banking sector
    Beyond Day 1 
  • New draft guidelines on loan origination and monitoring
    EBA consultation paper 
  • You and I were meant to fly
    The use of managed services 
  • COREP amendments published
    Final EBA Implementing Technical Standard 
  • Rise of the alternative workforce
    A thread to banks? 
  • Capital Requirements Regulation II
    CRR II-Poster: Wesentliche Änderungen für Banken auf einen Blick 
  • Climate change
    Why it is an issue 
  • The European securitisation framework
    Tackling challenges together 
  • Green Finance at Deloitte
    Sustainability in banking and finance 
  • NPL Regulierung von verschiedensten Seiten
    Überblick behalten im Dschungel

Credit Bulletin 3/2019

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