Raising the bar for audits in Denmark’s most valuable company

For almost 100 years, Novo Nordisk has helped millions of people who have diabetes or other serious chronic illnesses. By developing and expanding pharmaceuticals and subsequently making them accessible, Novo Nordisk meets the medical needs of patients all around the world who live with chronic illnesses posing some of the most pressing health challenges in today’s society. 

In a dynamic and evolving life science industry, innovation, digitalisation, and technology are some of the key concepts that enable Novo Nordisk to live its purpose: to drive change to defeat chronic illnesses. These concepts must imbue the entire organisation – and Novo Nordisk invited Deloitte to be part of this journey as its external auditor. 

Global expertise and diversity bring transition that creates value 
Since the collaboration began, Deloitte has worked to perform an audit that is reimagined, digitally enabled, and brings the right business insights through insight reporting and benchmarks that ensure continuous improvements. 

By establishing a diverse and strategically developed audit team with a global outlook, the ambition from day one has been to create value and bring fresh perspectives to the table during the transition. The audit approach is reimagined by leveraging capabilities, including a global network and expertise through collaboration with life science experts in the United States.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, the goal has been to strive for excellence and raise the bar for audits. With deep pharma experience and an audit tailored to Novo Nordisk and enabled by people and technology, Deloitte is delivering the quality and consistency that stakeholders increasingly demand – a reimagined audit that ensures compliance, quality, and efficiency in Denmark’s most valuable company.  

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