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The women behind Female Academy

If you join Deloitte Female Academy you enter the core of our culture. You get the opportunity to connect with female consultants illustrating the diversity of our business.

Read along and you will meet the edgy, colorful cyber savvy Emilie, the vigorous and grounded finance newbie Alexandra, and the mindful, analytical finance strategist Gabriella. All truly committed to create a Deloitte Female Academy that can add value to you. Interested in why?

Passing on the experience 

”I participated in the very first Female Academy programme in 2018. And I really enjoyed it. To me it was very impactful to explore both Deloitte as workplace, and my own wishes and competencies. Moreover, I meet so many cool women –both peers and Deloitte professionals, and sharing my thoughts with them just boosted me time after time. That is an experience I would like to give to other female students.”, Alexandra smiles and continuous with her energetic speak.

“Women are awesome if you ask me. But sometimes we just need a kind nudge in the bottom. Female Academy was a kind nudged to me. So, the women attending Female Academy 2020 can expect to be nudge in an honest, informal and kind way to discover what kind of career they wish for themselves.”

Finding your own path 

“For me it’s extremely purposeful to contribute to crate a space for female students, where they can ask all their questions about career choices. I missed that myself, so I hope, that sharing my experiences can demystify, clarify and (hopefully) inspire them to find their path. I remember the transition from student to fulltime consultant as a time filled with insecurity, where I didn’t know what to expect.”, Gabriella glance and smiles to Emilie and Alexandra.

“When you work in corporate finance there is a lot of assumptions about work load and life balance, but most are extremely exaggerated. So, I wish to share the fact, that lifelong learning both as a professional and human being is the most defining element in my work in Corporate Finance and that is an amazing journey."

Illustrating the techie side of Deloitte

”As a tech consultant myself, I am dedicated to inspire more female talents to pursuit a career in tech. And Female Academy is a great place to do that as it’s a very tangible way to contribute to the diversity agenda.” Emilie expresses.

“It’s the second time, I am engaged in the initiative and besides brining value to the participants, I also get inspired myself. Meeting talents in that setting provide a lot of insights and it helps me to think outside the box and reflect upon how we as community can become as relevant as possible to the students. And that is a fun thing to do. Moreover, I never pictured myself in Deloitte and I would never describe myself as a corporate person. Nevertheless, I am corporate, and I thrive in Deloitte. I might be the living proof that consultants can be colourful dressed and nerdier than the most.” Emilie laugh with a sparkle in her eye. 

“Fun aside. I truly experience that in Deloitte, you can be the authentic version of yourself – I think we as a very diverse team, and Female Academy as concept illustrates that in the best possible way.”

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