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The women behind Female Academy

If you join Deloitte Female Academy you enter the core of our culture. You get the opportunity to connect with female employees illustrating the diversity of our business.

Energetic team player and optimistic globetrotter

One of the most purposeful things I could imagine doing is to help female students find their path within corporate finance. Both because I believe that we as women can contribute with extraordinary and meaningful insights and because the transition from student to a fulltime employment is filled with choices and, as I remember it, insecurities. How is the workload, what is expected from me and how can I continue to develop and not get stuck in during the same thing repeatedly?

My dream for Deloitte Female Academy is to create a female network where we can all develop and learn from each other and from dedicated speakers and visitors. What do you need from Female Academy? We will strive to help whether it is to navigate in corporate finance, your own expectations to yourself or your career, or something completely different.

Eva Lærke Andersen, 31, Assistant Manager, Audit and Assurance, Private 1,
M.Sc. in Business Economics and Auditing (Cand.merc.aud)

Challenge-seeking and dedicated problem-solver

As a student, I remember all the insecurities and difficult choices related to choosing my first full-time job. I strive to make Female Academy a community where female students and professionals can ask all sorts of questions in an open environment, and where they can gain valuable insights and build a solid network.

Through the different sessions, we aim to inspire the participants and to help them gain clarity of their own career path and personal journey, while supporting each other and having a good time together.

Silje Kældsø, 27, Assistant Manager in M&A Transaction Services, Financial Advisory
M.Sc. in Economics and Finance (University of Southern Denmark)

Curious problem-solver and Optimistic team player

For me, Female Academy is a network where you can meet open-minded ambitious female students with diverse backgrounds and where you can learn about yourself both personally and professionally.

Throughout the sessions, I will share some of my personal experiences and try to demystify women in the world of finance and consulting. I hope this will both inspire and give students tools they can use in their up-coming professional life.


Julie Hedegaard, 26, Consultant in Finance & Performance, Finance,
M.Sc. in Finance and accounting

Change enthusiast and innovative thinker

I am constantly inspired by the bright minds that I come across on a daily basis. What is special about Deloitte is that it brings together people with different competencies, experiences, professional backgrounds and cultures.

My ambition for the Female Academy is for it to reflect the same degree of diversity and to create a space for networking and mentorship, where we can all get guidance on how to use our unique skillset at best. I see the Female Academy as an amazing opportunity to learn about what tools to tap into to unleash our potential and shape our careers.

Federica Auletta, 28, Consultant in Customer & Marketing, Consulting
M.Sc. in Business Administration and Strategic Leadership

Creative critic and disciplined dreamer

I am an advocate when it comes to diversity of thought, and therefore I strongly believe that we need more female leaders in the corporate world. Moving forward with this agenda, I believe that we as women must ally ourselves with female peers who we can spar with, be inspired by, seek support and guidance with, and learn. For me, this is what Female Academy is all about.  

Together with my cool colleagues behind Female Academy, I hope we manage to create a safe space where female peers dare ask all their questions and speak up about dilemmas they experience as young women early in their careers. I hope we can inspire and challenge each other’s points of view so we can develop, learn, and grow both personally and professionally, together and individually as women.  

On that note, I also highly believe that it is always a good idea to surround oneself with cool and inspiring female peers, and I feel like this is reason enough to join our Female Academy Programme 2023. 

Stine Rytter, 28, Employer Branding Consultant in People & Purpose Strategy.
MA in Corporate Communication (Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences)

Emphathetic team player and imaginative word wizard

To me, Female Academy is fantastic because it serves as a forum for bright-minded female students to network, share experiences and grow, because I truly believe that female empowerment is still needed.

Further, the fact that Female Academy spills over into an alumni community that can inspire for years to come is really special, if you ask me. I wish I had known about Female Academy when I was a student, but that only makes it that more exciting to be part of organising the 2023 edition. 

Ida Jacobsen, 29, Consultant in People & Purpose Strategy,
MA in International Business Communication

Goal-driven innovator and couraegous extrovert  

The UN’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal is bold, broad and important. It
challenges the world to: “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls.” It’s a goal I believe in wholeheartedly as a woman and it seems particularly pertinent at a time when people of all genders are demanding more equality.

As a member of our Female Academy, I am committed to supporting and empowering women. Through my involvement in our network, I have had the opportunity to connect with and learn from other women in my field, and to share my own experiences and insights. One way to help women in their careers is to be an ally and advocate for them.

At Deloitte Female Academy I get to offer support and mentorship to young talents, while promoting women's achievements and accomplishments. Our goal is to provide a space for ambitious and curious women to grow and gain knowledge that will help them in their future career.

I believe, that at Deloitte it is our collective responsibility to create a more inclusive and equitable society, and I am committed to doing my part. By taking an active role in supporting and empowering women, we can help to create a more just and equal society for all. Together, I believe we can make a real difference.

Josephine Vilsgaard, 25, Consulant in Transfer Pricing, Tax & Legal,
M.Sc. in Business Administration and Commercial Law 

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