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The Deloitte culture swept me off my feet

Christina joined Deloitte Female Academy to learn and be challenged, and to her the journey with Female Academy ended up changing the path she had decided for herself. In this interview she shares why.  

Why did you apply for Female Academy?

For me, it was appealing to enter a space where I could meet like-minded women. Not in the terms of meeting people like me, but in terms of meeting females that have as ambitious career dreams as myself. And also to get to know Deloitte better in a social and informal setting.


What were your expectations?

I thought it was a good opportunity to see and experience the realities of life as a consultant.      

I don’t have anyone in my social circle who has that kind of career position. Therefore, I was very curious about what that kind of career meant: what opportunities it could offer me, the tasks, how many working hours, and the culture.  

In addition, I was hoping to meet a lot of inspiring people – both peers and employees from Deloitte. And I certainly did.  


Can you describe your first impression?

The first day at the academy was very fun – it made a huge impression on me to meet so many ambitious and determined women. And it was great that the focus was on how we could use all that drive to unlock our potential. For me, the feeling of community and trust was established from the very first day and that was unique.

I also got the impression that Deloitte was a place of countless opportunities, based on a vision to challenge and develop each of us.  


What did you learn that you found most valuable?   

One of the things I’ve taken with me is the knowledge from a workshop about our personality types. I really enjoyed that. It illuminated our strengths and development areas in a way that I found very useful. We also had a workshop to accelerate our presentation skills, which was both fun and very tangible to use afterwards.

Moreover, I have learned how I can contribute in the different communities I am part of and how I can use my professional network in the best possible way. Overall, I feel more equipped for a career, have become more conscious of my own strengths and have gained tools that can empower me to reach my goals in the future.       

Why did you apply for a job in Deloitte afterwards?

I had already signed with another big company before I applied to Female Academy, so I joined to learn. But I experienced a fantastic energy that swept me off my feet: the strength-based approach to learning, the inclusive culture, and the ambition to fit individual needs appealed to me. In other words, I found a very unique culture that I could mirror myself in, which is why it just felt right to embark on my career in Deloitte.


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