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The women behind Female Academy

If you join Deloitte Female Academy you enter the core of our culture. You get the opportunity to connect with female employees illustrating the diversity of our business.

Punctual empath and vigorous introvert

Women are awesome if you ask me - but sometimes we just need a kind nudge in the bottom. 

I myself participated in the first Female Academy programme in 2018 when I was finishing my studies, and I found it very impactful as a means to explore both Deloitte as a workplace, as well as my own interests and competencies. Moreover, I met so many cool women – both peers and Deloitte professionals that today still constitutes a network of inspiring relations.

Female Academy was a kind nudge to me, and I would like to pass on that experience to other female students. Therefore, the women attending Female Academy 2021 can expect to be nudged in an honest, informal and kind way to discover what kind of career they wish for themselves.

Alexandra Rosenberg Jørgensen, 26 years, Consultant in Finance & Performance, Finance,
M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management, CEMS Master in International Management

Eternal knowledge-seeker and a curious team-player

Deloitte Female Academy has the purpose of gathering bright-minded female students so that we together can converse, learn, and share ideas. I believe that the word “together” is key, and that empowering each other, within a team or individually, will lead us all to thrive. As an attendee of the Female Academy 2018, I look back at the immense inspiration, remarkable females and valuable insights that have shaped the career path that I am on today. I look forward to giving back and sharing all my experiences, and hopefully inspire you towards your own exciting career and personal journey.

Emma Gottlob Wollebekk, 25 years, Consultant in Finance & Performance, Finance,
M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management

Energetic team player and optimistic globetrotter

One of the most purposeful things I could imagine doing is to help female students find their path within corporate finance. Both because I believe that we as women can contribute with extraordinary and meaningful insights and because the transition from student to a fulltime employment is filled with choices and, as I remember it, insecurities. How is the workload, what is expected from me and how can I continue to develop and not get stuck in during the same thing repeatedly?

My dream for Deloitte Female Academy is to create a female network where we can all develop and learn from each other and from dedicated speakers and visitors. What do you need from Female Academy? We will strive to help whether it is to navigate in corporate finance, your own expectations to yourself or your career, or something completely different.

Eva Lærke Andersen, 30 years, Assistant, Audit and Assurance, Mid Market,
M.Sc. in Business Economics and Auditing (Cand.merc.aud)

Curious number cruncher driven by sustainability

Participating in the Deloitte Female Academy in 2019 had an immense impact on me and my career journey. It helped me not only to learn more about myself and my ambitions, I also got to build relations with a group of inspiring students and professionals. Therefore, I find it very purposeful to be part of organizing the Deloitte Female Academy of 2021. My ambition is for us to create an academy with an open atmosphere where participants can grow both personally and professionally while building lasting bonds and learning more about what they aspire to do going forward.

Ida Steinbring Jørgensen, 30 years, Associate in Deloitte Economics, Financial Advisory,
M.Sc. In Applied Economics and Finance

Rational optimist and curious extrovert

I work with an emphasis on community, commitment and clear responsibility. I listen a lot and at the same time ask a lot of questions and I am convinced that several heads think better than one. I will share my personal experiences and demystify everything about having a career in consulting. At the same time, I expect that you will be engaging, open-minded and challenge us while having fun and building relations.

Simone Emilie Stieglitz, 26 years, Consultant in Finance & Performance, Advisory,
M. Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management

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