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Helping clients anticipate risks and protect their organisation and brand

In the wake of past scrutiny and enforcement action, regulators’ expectations regarding firms’ anti-financial crime controls are on the rise.

There has never been a greater need for management to demonstrate effective, risk-based anti-financial crime programmes herein systems, procedures, and controls. We have been on the forefront of helping clients meet the myriad challenges of financial crime issues, utilising in-depth sector experience and financial crime domain knowledge.

Through our deep industry experience, we can quickly and effectively gain an understanding of our client’s exposure and deliver concrete and action-oriented advice that creates value for our clients.

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Anti-bribery and corruption

Provide proactive and reactive advisory services, analytics, investigation services and remediation assistance to clients to manage the risks and vulnerabilities of bribery and corruption that arise from operating in a globalised world.

Anti-money laundering

Design, implement, enhance, and test AML and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance programmes, including risk assessments, target operating models (TOMs), know your customer (KYC), transaction monitoring, technology solutions, governance, training, and historical AML lookbacks. We have one of the largest and most mature AML practices that delivers seamless and consistent services for our global clients.

Financial crime data analytics

Using our advanced analytics capability and deep technical experience, we help clients quickly and efficiently address their issues. We deploy sophisticated analytics approaches to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what has occurred and how similar problems can be prevented. We also work proactively to detect inefficiencies and anomalies in systems, targeting cost recovery and identifying potential issues before they happen.

Financial crime investigations

Assess allegations of fraud or financial mismanagement, assist in respond to government regulatory requests and help organisations remedy the issue under the investigation and create a method to prevent future reoccurrence. We combine highly specialised skills in the areas of corporate investigations and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, with deep financial acumen and advanced analytics to produce transformative insights.

Fraud risk management

Enhancing your understanding and assessment of risks, providing a strategic approach across a wide portfolio of economic crime domains. Identifies whether you have an effective and efficient fraud risk management and investigation function and benchmarks you against your peers.

Governance and training

In today’s enforcement-minded regulatory environment, money laundering risks should be managed at the highest levels of an organisation and driven into each line of business. We help our clients establish, define and document clear roles and responsibilities and decision-making/delegation of authorities across the organisation (e.g., delineation among and between first, second and third lines of defence) to ensure clear executive management oversight of the firm’s management of financial crime risks and issues. We also work in developing AML/CTF training framework programmes and provide training to all organisational levels, all the way to board of directors.

Know your customer

KYC is the foundation of all AML/CTF-related work. To correctly identify, assess and rate a current or potential client’s risk, clear and appropriate business processes are required. We specialise in all areas of KYC, offering: Process review and optimization, up-to-date training, remediation, ongoing and enhanced due diligence, international and complex customer cases.

The combination of these services with our other specialised capabilities allows us to offer our clients a 360° coverage. This approach favours our services to be implemented throughout the entire customer journey.

Market misconduct

Market misconduct can take many shapes from false trading, insider trading to the disclosure of information about prohibited transactions, and other similar actions where market interference results in undue profits. The global regulatory focus on market misconduct is evolving, and institutions are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they manage market abuse and misconduct. With our business, technology, and regulatory advisers, we help our clients assessing their risks and designing, implementing, and maintaining the right conduct risk programme.


Achieving compliance with sanctions is a complex process. Regulations frequently carry across separate jurisdictions, and their requirements can evolve with limited regulatory guidance. We have unparalleled experience in this area, having designed, reviewed, enhanced, implemented, and monitored numerous financial sanctions, detection, and compliance programmes for clients around the world. Our sanctions programme includes technology and alert assessments, conduct investigations, sanction lookback reviews, alert dispositions and testing by using our global knowledge and insights.

Transaction monitoring

TM is a key component to an organisation’s three lines of defense in mitigating transactional exposure risk. We assist our client’s in assessing and developing their TM framework, TM screening, TM system effectiveness testing and scenario, TM remediation and transactional look back reviews.

Financial Crime Managed Services

We deliver industry-recognised financial crime managed services across multiple domains, standing alongside our clients during moments of crisis and in the daily battle to prevent financial crime. Our scalable solutions deliver operational excellence and right-first-time results, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements and internal targets, all at a highly competitive price. Understanding the unique challenges of your operations, we offer an agile and flexible solution tailored to meet the fluctuating demands of your business.

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