At Struensee & Co., all employees are top professionals and share a burning commitment to improving the public sector. Each has a graduate degree with top grades and experience from either leading public organizations or leading private consulting companies.

Our consultants often have degrees in social sciences, but we focus more on potential than specific educational background.

Recent graduates and students must be at the top of their class and eager to enhance and improve the public sector. Strong professional and personal skills are also important when consulting for senior leaders.

It takes drive and dedication to develop from an analytical consultant to a project leader who sets strategic agendas for both clients and teams, and further on to a trusted adviser for senior leadership in the public sector.

Our goal for all our employees is continual development of themselves and each other. We are dedicated to offering the right tools for just that. To achieve this, we provide systematic feedback on all employees’ performance and other qualifications in the form of training in strong methodologies as well as knowledge sharing. It also means that we place considerable importance on all employees to have ambition, motivation and continuously strive to take greater responsibility and handle increasingly complex tasks. As a result, there are also significant opportunities for advancement to even greater employment levels, or to use a career in Struensee & Co. as a springboard to a senior leadership position in public or private organisations.

If you are amongst the best, contact us to learn more. We are always looking for ambitious and motivated employees with strong commitment to society.

Contact Head of Recruitment Andreas Vig Logermann for any questions about career opportunities with Struensee & Co. at

Remember to include a motivational letter, your CV and copies of original transcripts from high school and onwards.

Candidates are invited for interviews on an ongoing basis.


Struensee & Co.
Copenhagen, Denmark

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