Struensee & Co.

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Struensee & Co. serves clients in the public sector, state owned companies and private sector companies with interests in the public sector.

With professionalism, integrity and commitment, we are dedicated to creating positive, substantial change for the benefit of society.

We assist senior leaders in identifying and implementing permanent improvements. This includes strategy development, productivity improvement programs, and organizational development.

Our advice is rooted in many years of in depth insights and experience in consulting for the public sector. Our professional ambitions for our clients are high, and our focus is to deliver tangible results. We work closely with the client’s organization – often in close teams with our clients – to make sure changes are anchored in both the senior leadership as well as in other relevant parts of the organization.

In Struensee & Co., our job is to ask the right questions, to deliver answers of professional quality, and knowing how to implement lasting solutions.

Struensee & Co. was founded by Claus Juhl and Christian Husted in 2014.


J. F. Struensee implemented a number of progressive reforms of the public sector – including restructuring of the central administration and modernization of the hospital sector. He also focused on the country’s overall economic situation by strengthening the management of public spending, in part by reducing unnecessary overuse as well as by streamlining workflows.

These reforms challenged stereotypes of the day and helped develop a sustainable public sector. With humility and commitment, it is Struensee & Co.’s goal to promote this legacy and contribute to progress in permanent modernization of the state, regions, municipalities and public companies.

The name Struensee & Co. is inspired by J. F. Struensee’s efforts as a major reformer of the public sector of his time, in addition to his other accomplishments. The Struensee room in the Ministry of Finance – where many of today’s budget negotiations are held – is also named after J. F. Struensee’s brother, a German-educated mathematician who contributed to reforming the Danish tax system.

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