Telecom operators must adapt to technological changes in order to remain relevant, add value and generate revenue – both online and offline.

While the 5G network carries the potential to accelerate digital business transformations, it still seems that no online channel can replace the sensory in-store experience. However, as more consumers realise that they can get what they want without leaving their couch or office, telecom operators without a rock-solid digital marketing strategy are in trouble. Luckily, there seems to be unused potential for operators to rethink their revenue streams and preserve their licence to operate.

Five key stats from the telecom industry:

  1. More than half of Nordic consumers (58%) have not been in a telecom store in the past two years.
  2. One out of every four Nordic consumers would not miss the physical telco store if it closed (27%).
  3. Trying out phones would be the most missed feature if mobile operator stores closed permanently (29%).
  4. Nordic consumers are predominantly using their telecom app for service purposes – not for purchasing products. 45% have not used their telecom operator’s app within the last two years.
  5. Only 3% of the Nordic consumers have purchased a smartphone through their mobile operator’s app.


Jonas Malmlund

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Sweden and in the Nordics

+46 73 397 13 03

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