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Germany and the Netherlands have very close business relationships. Germany is one of the most important export markets for the Dutch economy, the Netherlands are constantly moving from being "just" one of the most important holding locations and export markets to become an important R&D and manufacturing location for German companies.

At first glance, the step across the German-Dutch border seems small, the differences negligible, the mentality known. All similarities, however, cannot belie the plentiful differences in German and Dutch (business) culture e.g. regarding negotiation, contract design and the management of a company's day-to-day business which should not be underestimated.

This is why when engaging in cross-border activities, you need lawyers which do not only render excellent advice in the laws of the respective jurisdiction that you are engaging in, but also point you to the differences in the legal systems. Lawyers who are familiar with the respective country’s cultural background and support you in the planning, preparation and implementation of your activities. Who share their experience with you and render business- minded, pragmatic and reliable advice.

In our Dutch Desk we combine our expertise in all aspects of Dutch/German commercial law issues for all seven locations in Germany and offer a point of contact for German and Dutch companies and entrepreneurs engaging in cross-border activities. We advise Dutch clients in all aspects of German and European corporate and commercial law, in particular in the fields of M&A, Corporate and Employment Law. In matters related to other fields of law, our Dutch Desk co-operates with other expert teams within our firm.

Besides German and English, the lawyers of our Dutch Desk speak fluent Dutch and are intimately familiar with the Dutch culture. Therefore, they are capable of reading between the lines and explaining complicated legal and economic interrelations in a simple and easily comprehensible way.

As part of Deloitte Legal, we maintain excellent working relationships with Deloitte colleagues of other functions, namely Tax & Legal, Finance and Consulting at both sides of the border. This enables us to offer efficient top-level interdisciplinary advice also in complicated cross-border matters. If required, we can engage (teams of) lawyers of our (other) Dutch partner law firms, with whom we maintain excellent relationships.

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