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Labor Law Issues Associa­ted with Restruc­turing

Corporate restructurings such as mergers, transfer of undertakings, and downsizing can create formidable human resource challenges. The complexity of these, including the harmonization of social policies, regularly increases significantly when the restructuring involves operations or entities located in multiple countries, or when it occurs within a regulated industry.

Deloitte Legal works with business throughout a transaction from help with strategic decision making to drafting of required contracts and further documentation. We can participate in negotiations with the workers representative bodies/trade unions and handle collective claims in various jurisdictions. Deloitte Legal assists businesses with:

  • Provisional timetables, communications relating to consultation with worker representatives, negotiations with the workers representative bodies/trade unions and drafting of all mandatory or desired documentation
  • Acquisition and vendor due diligence and compliance reviews
  • Collective economic terminations or redundancy programs, implementation of the termination process, information and consultation with staff representatives (reconciliation of interests, social plan) and interactions with the labor authorities
  • Necessary action in terms of insolvency scenarios

Deloitte Legal lawyers work with other Deloitte professionals in tax, consulting, accounting, audit and financial advisory to provide companies with rounded advice based on the individual business needs of individual circumstances. Deloitte Legal teams have significant experience working cross border.

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