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Corpo­rate Re­organi­zations

In today’s evolving commercial and economic environment, businesses are continually seeking opportunities to manage operating costs and tax positions as well as contain cash expenditures.

Entity structuring can help achieve these goals but often presents many challenges for multinational corporations. In addition, the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) proposals are expected to impact the bottom line of affected organizations and result in some business restructuring.

Deloitte’s Corporate Reorganizations professionals leverage global range and practical experience to support clients and other advisors in developing and implementing enhanced legal structures and business operating models. Uniting the art and science of corporate reorganizations, Deloitte helps clients streamline complexity, improve governance and compliance, manage cost, and heighten organizational risk management.
Providing practical advice and assistance throughout the planning, development, and implementation phases of corporate reorganizations, Deloitte helps clients to:

  • Simplify group structures
  • Implement domestic and cross-border transactions including mergers, demergers, disposals, change of corporate form and company migrations
  • Transfer assets and business units
  • Align legal structures to business models
  • Establish national or regional hubs
  • Convert subsidiary company structures to branch structures and vice versa
  • Integrate legal structures following a merger or acquisition
  • Understand structuring implications arising from the OECD’s BEPS Action Plans

This wide range of services allows us to deliver to our clients multidisciplinary and cohesive guidance based on their individual and unique requirements and circumstances.

Corporate Reorganizations Brochure

Learn more about our Corporate Reorganizations practice. You may download the Deloitte Legal Corporate Reorganizations brochure via the download butten on the lefthand side. 

Corporate Reorganizations
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