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Connected to reach the full potential

Corporate responsibility & sustainability - Deloitte Finland

Creating better future is about transforming organisations and society. We are not bystanders in this equation, far from it. It is our responsibility, our reality, to rise to the challenge every single day, to lead the way towards more responsible, equal and inclusive world. The impact that matters is made both globally and close to home. Committed to our WorldImpact initiative, we are driving individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Impact is made through action

When it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainability, actions speak louder than words. Our core initiative WorldImpact is driven with four different projects. All of which are transparent and available for all of our employees to join.

Our commitment areas and projects:

Walking the walk - full potential in Finland through WorldImpact

Any great cause needs believers - to lead the the way and encourage others to do their best. Being connected is now more important than ever. A lot of the time we stand to make sure people and communities reach their full potential. Other times where are here just to bring a smile to a child's face.

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