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Deloitte has five new partners


Deloitte has appointed Teemu Hokkanen, Hannu Kasanen, Nikolas Sjöberg, Leea Uusi-Hautamaa and Jonas Vuorela as new partners, effective from June 3 2024. Congratulations to the partner quintet on their appointment!

Teemu Hokkanen

Risk Advisory

Teemu Hokkanen leads Deloitte’s Cyber Advisory Services in Finland and is responsible for overseeing the cyber strategy offering in the Nordics region. With a career spanning over 20 years in cybersecurity and IT services, Teemu brings a breadth of experience from working with domestic and international companies across diverse industries.

My commitment as a partner: I am fully committed to serving our clients and leading our team in an ever-changing digital landscape with evolving threats. My goal is to support our clients in building business-enabling and efficient cyber capabilities by leveraging Deloitte’s world-class services, experience and global talent. I am dedicated to creating a work environment at Deloitte that aligns with our values and fosters individual growth and development.

What I enjoy during my leisure time: As my children have grown up and become more independent, I have been able to transition to the spectator role and put more focus on my own hobbies. I play diverse sports, regularly playing floorball, padel, tennis and volleyball.

Hannu Kasanen

Risk Advisory

Hannu Kasanen leads Deloitte’s Cyber Risk service offering for the government and public services industry in Finland. He has more than twenty years of IT and security consulting experience with a proven track record of delivering substantial results. Hannu has successfully led complex projects with some of the most iconic brands and the biggest public-sector organisations in Finland. Hannu specialises in digital identity and data privacy, but also advises his clients on a broad spectrum of cybersecurity topics.

My commitment as a partner: As cyber threats continue to evolve, we cyber professionals have a responsibility to help protect our clients and the communities we live in. I am committed to leading our efforts to build a more cyber-resilient economy. Together with Deloitte’s local and international cyber teams, I will continue to help Finnish companies and the public sector prepare for and, if necessary, recover from cyber threats and attacks. Equally important is the promotion of transparent and ethical data practices, which I will actively advocate for.

What I enjoy during my leisure time: In the midst of juggling a busy professional life, I lace up my running shoes as often as possible and dash through the streets and trails of Espoo – all while enjoying the chaos and laughter that comes with raising two teenagers alongside my wonderful family.

Nikolas Sjöberg


Nikolas Sjöberg is the legal service line leader in Deloitte Finland. Nikolas has broad experience, especially in domestic and cross-border M&A and real estate transactions, and in assisting clients with renewables, energy and infrastructure projects and engagements. Nikolas also regularly advises clients on a broad range of corporate legal matters and other day-to-day legal matters and inquiries relating to our clients’ respective businesses.

My commitment as a partner: I am honoured to be the first legal partner at Deloitte Finland and I am committed to helping our clients navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape and enhance their legal functions in the digital age with people at the centre. My focus is on providing value to our clients with access to legal business solutions that align with our clients’ business needs, rather than merely focussing on addressing legal questions. We can do this by leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise, global reach and digital solutions. Additionally, I am dedicated to developing our young professionals and creating a meaningful workplace where our talented lawyers can make an impact that matters on our clients and broader society.

What I enjoy during my leisure time: I love spending time with my family doing different kinds of activities or travelling. I have also a passion for sports and adventures, for challenging myself both mentally and physically. For the past few years, I have actively trained for cross-country skiing, participating in long-distance ski competitions. I also love building and doing things with my own hands, like building a terrace and garden at our summer place.

Leea Uusi-Hautamaa


Leea Uusi-Hautamaa is a lawyer and works as head of Deloitte’s Forensics services. She has extensive experience in working for both listed global corporations and privately owned companies, as well as for the public sector, in respect to criminal law related matters, corporate internal investigations, compliance and ethics matters.

My commitment as a partner: Our Forensics team supports our clients during urgent and unclear crisis situations. I am committed to continuing to bring objective and high-quality analysis to our clients, which brings them peace of mind and provides support in decision-making. I promise to bring up difficult issues when they arise. I will continue to work practically and provide all of my experience to our clients and professionals. I am dedicated to upholding Deloitte’s values and will lead by example in all of my activities. I am passionate about investing in the development of our professionals, creating a safe working environment and promoting an inclusive work culture. Despite dealing with unethical issues, I will maintain a positive working attitude and a sense of humour.

What I enjoy during my leisure time: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We often spend time at our summer house and enjoy various sports activities. Before starting my workday, I go for a morning run to keep myself healthy and energised. It’s a great way to clear my head and start the day on a positive note.

Jonas Vuorela

Audit & Assurance

Jonas Vuorela is the Private Audit lead in Finland. Jonas is a certified public accountant (CPA) and he has several years of experience in auditing financial statements prepared in accordance with the IFRS and the Finnish Accounting Standards. During the past few years, Jonas has focused mainly on private equity-owned companies and growth companies in Finland.

My commitment as a partner: We provide a value adding, proactive and high-quality audit service and help clients to develop their finance function. As the new Private Audit lead I will, together with our team, offer practical and clear advice with strong expertise. I promise to mentor and support our professionals so that they can develop and grow in our audits.

What I enjoy during my leisure time: I enjoy spending my free time with my family at the summer cottage and travelling. Outdoor life and good food are close to my heart. I also like to do sports: I especially like to play golf during early summer mornings.  

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