Once we look back at a year, we can be very grateful, since the year offered us growth and new possibilities. When our clients needed assistance with their new and familiar challenges in the ever-changing tax and economic landscape, we were able to empower them through trust and sustainable high-quality services.

- Tomi Karsio, Head of Tax & Legal 


While the pandemic meant a reduction in immigrations, the shift in working patterns resulted in other forms of mobility requests. Simultaneously, the pandemic boosted the digital transformation and stressed the importance of systems with digitalised processes, which help corporations to be compliant and transparent. Also, we helped our clients with their complex cross-border transactions during a year of record M&A activity.  

Our talent is still the key   

Our talent plays a critical role when we serve our clients. Offering high-quality career support and leadership every day is our driver on the talent side. At the same time, we believe that it is critical for our talent to be aware of the wider purpose of their work. We give our people the opportunity to be themselves, to focus on their strengths and lead them to their full potential.   

During a year of limited social interaction and virtual activities, we were pleased to see our talent support and take care of each other. On this ground, we will grow our practice both with traditional and new capabilities, such as tax technology-related implementation and advisory skills.   

Keep up with the change – together   

Our clients’ business structures and models are heavily affected by legislation and policy, whereby both local and international changes require constant monitoring and changes. The dialogue between tax compliance and digitalisation is the current top topic on our clients’ minds. We ensure added value for our clients through using the top technology, our readiness for transformation and our vision. 

We need to keep up with the change in order to offer our clients better projects, faster and on a larger scale. Winning technologies will have an essential role in the continuously increasing demand for our services. By maintaining an active dialogue with our clients, we can share such sustainable advice with them, which can be discussed with any stakeholder and a wider audience. In the future, we trust our clients to gain competitive edge from fair and correct tax payments more than before.