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Antti Isomäki

Antti Isomäki is an SAP supply chain professional who gets inspiration from helping clients to win with SAP and from the diversity of his work.

The three best things about my job are diversity, freedom, and interesting clients and projects. 

MY BACKGROUND: I hold a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. Originally, I was supposed to become a plant design engineer. However, at the beginning of my career I came across an open position in a consulting firm. I decided to apply for the job, and since then, consulting has been my career path. My first ever projects were with SAP – and back then, the projects took years – so, along the way, my expertise grew, and SAP became my profession.

I have worked with industrial clients all throughout my career and SAP has also been a part of it one way or another. For many years, I did technical ‘hands-on’ SAP consulting, which has enabled me to move forward onto project-leading and client-advisory roles. My specialties are SAP EAM, SAP Customer Service and logistics area in general, which used to be quite rare skills but nowadays the demand is high.

MY ROLE AT DELOITTE: I am primarily involved in SAP-related client engagements. In addition to this, my role includes working as SAP S/4HANA supply chain sub-offering lead at Deloitte Finland and as a SAP supply chain MAKE lead at Deloitte Nordic. All in all, my tasks vary from client-side advisory and project leadership to internal projects, such as developing our Nordic SAP network. The versatility of my role keeps me motivated and keeps my workdays interesting.

In a client engagement, I typically have delivery responsibility, which means that as a project leader I make sure that we reach the targets set and perform high-quality work. Additionally, a significant part of my role is proposal and sales work. As a contrast to client engagements, I have really enjoyed working with SAP at Deloitte Nordic level where we are developing our internal SAP competences in order to better match market demands.

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY JOB: Three things come straight to my mind, which are diversity, freedom, and interesting clients and projects. These are common advantages that many desire and they cannot be underrated. The great thing is that they are the reality at Deloitte.


Something you didn’t know about me: I am an enthusiastic musician and I play both bass and guitar. Music has always been an important part of my life. In fact, as a student I supported myself by playing music. 

How do I take care of my well-being? I love spending time outdoors. During summers, I cycle a lot, and during winters, I go skiing whenever possible – I would prefer to be on skis every day. In addition to sports, spending time with my family is very important for my well-being. Cooking with my kids after work brings me much joy. 


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