Meet our SAP risk professional: Tuomas Uusitalo

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Meet our SAP risk professional

Tuomas Uusitalo

Tuomas Uusitalo is an SAP risk and control professional who enjoys engaging with the clients on a deeper level, especially with internal control organisations.

What drives me forward is surrounding myself with an environment which enables me to grow: constantly evolving challenges, creative solutions and the brightest team members.

MY BACKGROUND: In contrast to most of my peers, I don’t have a higher education degree from a university. When I graduated from vocational school, I had already been introduced to SAP systems when completing my internship at the age of eighteen, and I got involved in my first implementation project shortly after as the key user of SAP HR.

Since then, Ive been working almost non-stop with different SAP technologies and functions, with a focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM)  and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) topics. A few years before joining Deloitte, I lived abroad in Sweden in order to commit to a challenging multi-year SAP project.

MY ROLE AT DELOITTE: While in previous workplaces I have been able to learn and get acquainted with the technologies and focus on technical work, at Deloitte I have been presented with the opportunity to truly engage with the clients on a deeper level, especially with internal control organisations, in order to be able to help them identify and create strategies involving their SAP systems and the internal controls related to them.

With GRC being one of my core competences, a lot of the client assignments focus on internal control frameworks and design work for control automation via SAP Process Control. To be able to discuss with the clients about the ‘why’ (i.e. why something should be controlled), instead of the ‘how’ (i.e. how something should be controlled), is something that has broadened my understanding of how organisations work with and value their compliance.

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY JOB: Freedom. To me this means that I am involved in the client engagements from the first step and get to shape the proposals and offers we make to our clients in the way I see best offers those services. This enables both learning and understanding what goes into making a successful engagement.

Tuomas Uusitalo

Tuomas Uusitalo
SAP risk

Something you didn't  know about me: I am really a geek at heart, which mostly shows in my hobby of board gaming and the occasional video game-related t-shirt I wear. I used to organise public board-gaming events, but these days I’ve managed to find close friends with similar interests with whom I meet up regularly.

How do I take care of my well-being?  During spring and summer, I cycle a lot, with my trips being anywhere from 20 km to 150 km long. I’m not that fast though, so if you feel like taking up cycling, let me know and let’s go pedalling. Once the bike is stored for winter, I start focusing on powerlifting and bulking up for those heavy squats and presses.

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