Data strategy and governance 

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The transformation is rapidly broadening the range of technologies to be used in the workplace. Among the many, data is one of the key driving vehicles for the digital transformation. Watch three videos in where Deloitte professionals Sari Berglund and Timo Perkola discuss who owns the data in the organisation, how to ensure data reliability and where to start a data strategy.

Deloitte professionals Sari Berglund, Partner, Nordic Finance and Performance Lead and Timo Perkola, Partner, Transformations discuss where the biiggest opportunities of the corporate date lie and and how to get the most out of it .

1) Who owns the data in your organisation? (1.06 min)

“IT or business functions shouldn’t own the data. It should be owned by the business and the entire corporate. That is the only way to combine the vision and purpose of the data together.”

2) How to ensure data reliability in your organisation? (1.12 min)

“The key is that the individuals who work with the data have a very clear understanding of why data is used. The business purpose for each element of data needs to be clear. That brings business benefits.”

3) Data strategy – Where to start? (2.00 min)

How to get started when an organization wants to embark the transformation on the holistic data strategy? “Break the silos, bring the data strategy to the corporate level, and start from the pragmatic things.”

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