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Business disputes have the potential to disrupt business, make damage to entity’s reputation, and generate significant costs. Although internal and external legal advisors play an important role in business disputes, at times other experts are needed as well to achieve the favorable solution and outcome. Our team conducts in-depth forensic and financial analysis to help resolve and document complex disputes from boardroom to courtroom. Our experienced team helps e.g., in quantum of damage estimation, forensic accounting, valuation and expert testimony in litigation and international arbitration matters.

How we can help?

Deloitte Forensics professionals have wide local and international expertise on various dispute resolutions. We help our clients to assess dispute situation from different angles and provide the support, among others, in assessing the situation, providing various calculations and analysis on the subject of dispute.

Examples of the varying disputes settlement processes we have helped our clients with both locally and globally:

  • Investigations for e.g., to review and clarify the course of events, criminal proceeds and/or the parties involved regarding the dispute
  • Analysis and documentation of the evidence for trial or other legal proceedings
  • Quantification of loss and/or damages calculations
  • Expert testimonial
  • Support in crisis management and incident response

Tools and methods:

  • co-operation with other authorities and legal counsels
  • Investigative methods
  • Interviews
  • Systematic analyses on both external and internal information regarding company’s operational business (Business Intelligence)
  • Data-analytics and other technology-based tools

What kind of challenges we have helped our clients to solve and how have we helped to solve them?

Challenge: An international company faced a commercial dispute with its customer over their supply contract termination and the consequences of that termination.

Actions: The objective was to improve the counterclaim and verify the calculations in order to achieve a favorable settlement fee for our client. We worked closely with our client by assisting the company management in the formation of a counterclaim to the counterparty as applicable.


Key Contacts

Leea Uusi-Hautamaa

Leea Uusi-Hautamaa

Partner, Head of Forensic

Leea Uusi-Hautamaa johtaa Deloitten Forensic-palveluita. Leea on ammatiltaan lakimies ja varatuomari. Hänellä on pitkä ja monipuolinen kokemus rikosoikeudellisista asioista, väärinkäytösten ja muun ep... Lisää