Forensic teknologia ja data-analyysi


Forensic technology and data analysis

We use the latest technological solutions and advanced analytics to identify, secure and analyze holistic and complex data masses. In this way, we assist our customers to collect and analyze information that can be used, for example, in internal investigations and litigation.

Companies typically use multiple different systems to store and process information in their business. The large amount and diversity of information produced by several different systems can pose challenges, especially when data from different sources should be analyzed, for example, as part of an internal investigation. Finding out the facts of such cases is often time-consuming, expensive and involves the risk of not being able to find facts in a large amount of data. You can turn to our Forensic team for specific knowledge and experience in data processing and analysis.

Forensic Technology services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Computer Forensic

With the support of our global expertise, we are able to identify and find relevant sources of information to clarify specific factual issues and find possible traces on computers, servers and other data sources. The aim is to examine data and digital media responsibly in order to identify, store, return, analyse and present relevant facts, for example, about a misconduct that has occurred.

E-Discovery -Services

Using best practice procedures and state-of-the-art technology, we offer fully integrated and global solutions covering a wide range of services in securing, recreating and auditing data. We work with both unstructured and structured data (e.g. ERP systems, emails, instant messaging and chat, audio files, mobile devices, social networks and cloud solutions). For instance, we utilize the world's leading review and analysis platform Relativity and the advanced analytics platform Brainspace in our e-Discovery services. We can work all over the world and each investigation begins with a thorough and local legal consideration that sets the framework for carrying out the investigation.

Forensic data analytics

We support our clients in analyzing complex data stored in databases in accounting, storage, HR, or other types of systems that support the daily operations and work of each organization. When using IT systems, various data traces are left that can be analyzed, which provides an opportunity to investigate fraud, abuse or other misconduct. Our analyses are based on our experience in analyzing complex data and conducting numerous fraud investigations which enables the identification of specific risks and potential abuses in the organisation and processing them quickly and efficiently.

What kind of challenges have our customers had and how have we solved them?

Challenge: Our client wanted to discover the reasons for the failure of a large infrastructure project. A particular emphasis was on the costs of the project, which were three times the budgeted. The client's wish was to make a comprehensive compliance review of the project, where the analysis of financial data was one of the key measures.

Actions: In the compliance review, we analyzed the project's data over a five-year period from our client's budgeting, accounting and invoicing systems. With forensic data analytics, we organized, combined and prepared the data from different sources for analysis. We then analyzed costs, budgets, and invoices from several angles and discovered the root causes of cost overruns. With the help of advanced analytics, we also investigated possible fraud in the processing of invoices.

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