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Investigations & Compliance Reviews 

Deloitte Forensic helps clients with complex demands related to investigations and compliance review projects globally. In our investigations, we combine forensic experts and former regulators and law enforcement with latest technology and tools to meet global investigation and compliance requirements. Our extensive Deloitte network enables us to provide forensic solution services around the world regarding any type of corporate investigation.

How we can help?

Our team of experts has long experience in preventing and investigating misconduct, which has been acquired through years of experience. To assist in misconduct investigations, we also have a wide range of technology-based tools, as well as data analytics expertise to produce comprehensive analyses and investigative insights.

We have performed comprehensive investigations with varying extent, both locally and globally, regarding suspected and occurred misappropriations and fraud risk management, for e.g., around themes of:

  • Ascertaining the manner and extent of a misconduct
  • Financial abuse
  • Ethical misconduct
  • Management misconduct
  • Compliance review of business processes
  • Event analysis
  • Crisis management support and incident response

What kind of matters have our clients faced and how have we have solved them?

Challenge: Client approached and asked for Deloitte’s help to investigate a suspected demanding and sensitive internal misconduct. Our client had become aware of the suspected misconduct through employee’s internal report, which had disclosed suspicions towards another employee’s unethical behavior.

Used methods:

  • Together with the client’s investigation working group, we went through the internal report and other background information regarding the matter in question. Alongside the process of gathering background information, we carried out interviews to the employees handling the specific internal report to gather more information of the matter.
  • Together with the client’s investigation working group, we executed the investigation plan and strategy regarding interviews of the parties concerned.
  • We interviewed both the suspected person as well as the person of whom was the object of the unethical behavior. Based on the first interviews, we interviewed the persons who had allegedly been present at the time of the event, or the persons who according to the earlier interviews had been aware of the happened misconduct.
  • We made additional investigations based on the information conducted in the interviews to validate and affirm the allegations made in the interviews.
  • We compiled detailed report for the client, including detailed observations and issues brought up in the investigation and the interviews. In addition, the report included our conclusion about the course of the event and the persons involved, and our suggestions for further actions. based on the completed investigation and our report, the client carried out internal actions.

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Leea Uusi-Hautamaa


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