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2021 Deloitte directors’ alert:

A new ear of board stewardship begins 

More than a year into the pandemic, the situation remains unclear for many countries. While vaccines have arrived for some, the pandemic has not abated, and it has become clear that the vaccination process and the road to recovery will both be long.

8th of April 2021


Organizations and their boards continue to be impacted by changes in business models, ways of doing business, and ways of thinking that are being challenged by the extended pandemic. 

This final edition of the 2021 Deloitte directors’ alert: A new era of board stewardship begins presents interviews with three directors from the UK, Canada and Switzerland who share the lessons they learned from the crisis and how they intend to help guide their organizations towards the future.  

One theme that came through in interview after interview—uncertainty about which of the many changes we have experienced will prove permanent, and which will evaporate as the world transitions to some kind of new normal.  


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