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Technology Fast 50 listing has been announced!

Technology Fast 50 winners have been announced!

1) SMALL GIANT GAMES (73 840 %)

Small Giant Games is one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies in the world. The company was founded in 2013. They believe that small, skilled and independent teams can accomplish gigantic things. Their latest game, Empires & Puzzles, has some of the best metrics in the industry and it has reached Top 10 grossing positions in 129 countries. Small Giant Games joined Zynga Inc in January 2019 and they continue to develop and operate their games as a separate studio within Zynga.

2) WOLT (10 381 %)

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get great food, delivered to your home or office. The Helsinki-based company has operations in 20 countries and 70 cities, serving food from over 9,000 restaurants with over 20,000 courier partners. The company was founded in 2014, has 3,5 million registered users, employs over 700 people today. Wolt has raised €150M in funding from investors.

3)  UNIKIE (5546 %)

Unikie develops demanding software technologies, focused in embedded environments. The company is based in Tampere and was founded in 2015. Their customer segments include automotive, smart machinery, industry, telecom and IT. The technological spearhead is a full stack solution for autonomous driving (AD), ready for global market. Export focus is strong and the growth targets are tough, with a target of +€100M.

 >> You can find the Technology Fast 50  listing here.

What is the Deloitte Technology Fast 50?

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program lists the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Finland. This year the program will be implemented on the basis of the official financial statements of the companies. Companies don't need to apply themselves.  It is the 14th time when Deloitte ran the Fast 50 competition in Finland.

General requirements and eligibility criteria
1.) Companies can either be public or private companies, but the company and its parent company must be registered in Finland. The program encompass all technology industry segments including: software, hardware, communications, media, clean technology and life sciences.

2.) To be listed in the Technology Fast 50, the company must be in business at least 4 years, the first year’s revenue should be at least 50 000€, and fourth-year revenue of 800 000€. 

3.) Each company must be a technology company that:

  • Develops or owns proprietary technology that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues; or
  • Manufactures a technology-related product; or
  • Devotes a significant percentage of operating revenues to research and development of technology; or
  • Is technology intensive, or uses unique technology to solve problems.

How does Deloitte determine the winners?
We are looking for rapid growth, so the rankings are based on the company's revenue growth over the last four year (2015-2018) period. The competition is not measured by the current financial performance or profitability. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 winners are based on four-year average percentage growth for each technology company. 

How to calculate the race four-year growth rate calculated?
(turnover in 2018 - turnover 2015) / turnover in 2015 * 100 = growth rate

When will winners be named?
Winners will be announced in Tampere Raatihuone 30th of January 2020.

Program sponsors:
Tampereen kaupunki and Business Tampere are Technology Fast 50 sponsors in Finland.



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