3 Mar.

After a Year of Disruption. Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2021 Report

Hans van Grieken shares key findings from Tech Trends 2021 Report

Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.  CET | 1 hr
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Over the next few months, expect emerging tech trends to shape everything from business strategy to equity initiatives. Join webinar where Daniel Martyniuk and Hans van Grieken will share the findings from Deloitte’s 12th Annual Tech Trends Report.

About the event

This year, our #TechTrends 2021 report answers the question: In a world where the only constant changes, what does it mean to lead with confidence? 

In January 2020, most of us had plans—thoughtful road maps to guide our organizations, technology, and lives through the months to follow. And then COVID-19 punched the entire world in the mouth, rendering useless many of these best-laid plans. Seemingly overnight, a strange, historic event disrupted our assumptions and forced us, with a shocking degree of urgency, to become more adaptable and responsive than we had thought possible.

With that background, this year’s Tech Trends report discusses the opportunities, strategies, and technologies that will drive new plans during the next 18 to 24 months and beyond:

  • For enterprise technology, we spotlight the importance of aligning corporate and technology strategy. We revisit the critical core and how digital nonnatives use the cloud, low-code, and platform-first methods to juice legacy assets. And we take a deep dive into supply chain transformation.
  • For data, we investigate how leading organizations are industrializing their AI initiatives with “MLOps” and, consequently, developing new approaches to managing data for the machine, rather than human, consumption. We also discuss emerging trends in cybersecurity.
  • For human and machine interaction, we look at emerging trends in the future of the workplace, digital experiences, and technology that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Let’s explore the nine trends, which are a more hopeful dimension to the turbulent events of this past year. New technology and business plans already being executed chart a promising path toward tomorrow. Confidently leading this journey will be CIOs and other executives, who have proven they can take a punch and get back on their feet.

Join webinar where Daniel Martyniuk and Hans van Grieken will share the findings from Deloitte’s 12th Annual Tech Trends Report.

About the guest speaker

Hans van Grieken is a trend analyst and the author of a number of highly important Deloitte technological research papers. He helps shaping Deloitte’s global research agenda in addition to identifying and driving a number of EMEA research initiatives.

Wednesday, 3 Mar 2021 10:00 a.m. CET
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