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Deloitte Private is a group of international experts set up within the Deloitte network that provides specific advisory services to wealthy individuals and family-owned or other private enterprises. The business line came to life as a result of the continued, decades-long development of our knowledge base about this special group of clients, so now the specialized knowledge and experience of our experts creates value while supporting clients in their most special personal situations.

We are aware that people imagine the structure and use of their wealth differently just as they do the way of passing their life of work on to future generations. This is why we think it important for the solutions we develop to be fully tailored to individual needs and for our experts to maintain close ties with clients that not only satisfy the highest professional advisory service standards but also offer a personal relationship based on trust.

The professional competence of Deloitte Private experts covers the full spectrum of the Deloitte network's worldwide service offer, including the most diverse legal, tax, financial and other advisory fields. However, we support clients primarily in special areas that bear significance typically for privately-owned enterprises and wealthy individuals. Through cooperation with influential Hungarian business leaders, our employees gathered unique domestic experience in the field of legal and financial protection of private wealth, the structuring of cross-border business and personal holdings, or succession planning and generational change.

Our team operates in the Hungarian market with an international background, offering practical and lasting solutions for clients.

Deloitte Private

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