Budapest Data & Analytics Hub

Who we are?

Budapest Data & Analytics Hub is the data expert team of Deloitte Hungary. We deliver projects with cutting edge technologies and services for our clients in the enterprise sector across various industries. From ideas to complete solution, we can help you to reach your full analytics potential. Our consultants have expertise in defining strategic goals, roadmaps, and value driven use cases, but also a deep technological knowledge and years of experience in project delivery to implement the solutions you need. 

We are part of Deloitte’s Central European region, which ensures a close collaboration between Data & Analytics teams in 18 countries. On a larger scale we have access to Deloitte’s first-class industry knowledge and global delivery experience through offices in more than 100 locations around the world.

What we can do?

We shaped our services so that they cover every opportunity to turn your data into valuable business insights.

Our main services are:  

  • Defining a Data Driven Strategy 
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art cloud and visualization technologies 
  • Gaining insights and value from existing data sources 
  • Design, implementation, and development of custom data visualizations 
  • Building first class data analytics processes and competencies 
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions 


Our detailed service portfolio

Data Consultancy

Oftentimes the first step in implementing any kind of data & analytics solution is to create a solid strategy. Our team can help you define the analytics vision and set up complex programs for all kinds of stakeholders

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the core service when it comes to data. 
The performance of each-and-every data-driven services depends on the data quality. 
We deliver such cloud solutions for our clients that ensure the best data quality with high availability running on scalable resources. 
Our team provides services from prototyping to complex cloud data warehouse implementations. 
No matter where the data maturity of our client stands right now, we can transform their technology landscape using the power of cloud technologies.  

Advanced Analytics

Are you prepared for the constant disruptions of our world? Is your data telling you what you can do to change your future or even what is likely to be your future? 
Keeping a competitive advantage demands faster adaption to changes, decisions with insight, transformation with intelligence. Our team can help you move to the next level in analytics and harness the power of your data in a way you never thought possible. Applying Artificial Intelligence to the most promising opportunities help us deliver the highest business impact.

Visual analytics

Deploying visual analytics is often the last step in any data & analytics initiative, but perhaps the most important one. This is the user-facing layer revealing the results of integration of multiple data sources, it is critical to stick the landing and ensure a clear and concise way of generating insights and actions. We design interactive dashboards helping to track, organize and share KPIs. With the reports we build our customers can make fast decisions and discover hidden trends and relationships within their data. 

Get in touch with our experts

Péter Vartik

Péter Vartik


Péter Vartik is the Director of Data & Analytics at Deloitte's Technology Advisory Services in Budapest. Peter has more than 10 years of experience in developing analytics systems and custom reporting... More

Dániel Berkes

Dániel Berkes

Senior Manager

Dániel is a Senior Manager in the Technology Advisory team at Deloitte Hungary. He has more than 13 years of professional experience in data visualization and cloud services. Among others, he has been... More

András Rusznyák

András Rusznyák


András is a Senior Consultant in Deloitte Hungary's Data & Analytics Hub team, where he leads the Advanced Analytics services portfolio. He has more than 10 years of consulting experience, 5 of which ... More

István Takács

István Takács


With 8 years of professional experience in Business Intelligence, István provides solutions to his clients' business problems with intuitive end-to-end data analysis methods. He is an excellent BI app... More