The digital revolution


The digital revolution

Mining starts to reinvent the future

This report, developed by Deloitte Australia, brings together our understanding of shareholder value, mining operations, technology and analytics, to develop an approach to the “digital mine.” This approach helps mining organizations make the most of the digital opportunity and avoid the many potential pitfalls that come with the adoption of new technologies.

The disruption of business models through the advancement of digital technology has been a reality for other industries for many years. Digital is now impacting the mining industry, technology has advanced such that the barriers of high cost of entry, and a very physical value chain are no longer protection against large scale disruption.

In this report we explore:

  • Why digital is now a reality for mining
  • What the future might look like and what is possible
  • How mining organizations can take steps to protect themselves from disruption and falling behind the industry or new entrants, while also protecting against poor investments or failure, through:
  • Developing a digital strategy and proactively managing digital transformation
  • Automating operations and digitizing assets
  • Building a “digital mine nerve centre” for data-driven planning, control, and decision-making
  • Implementing supporting platforms and enablers
  • Leading a diverse, distributed, and connected workforce.
The digital revolution
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