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Global Human Capital Trends 2016: The Energy & Resources edition

The new organization: Different by design

This fourth annual survey of over 7000 human resource and business leaders globally, ranks the top 10 trends and companies readiness to respond to them. This report provides a summary of the human capital trends and priorities driving human resource decisions specifically in the Energy & Resources (E&R) industry.

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The theme of this year’s report – The new organization: Different by design – reflects a major finding: After three years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to redesign the organization itself, with 92% of survey participants rating this as a critical priority. The “new organization,” as we call it, is built around highly empowered teams, driven by a new model of management, and led by a breed of younger, more globally diverse leaders. The E&R industry is aligned with the broader industry counterparts in each of this year’s top three trends. This is an encouraging sign that, despite facing uncertain political and socioeconomic conditions, they are not alone.

The top 10 trends impacting the E&R industry are:
  • Organizational design: The rise of the team
  • Leadership awakened: Generations, teams, science
  • Shape culture: Drive strategy
  • Engagement: Always on
  • Learning: Employees take charge
  • Design thinking: Crafting the employee experience
  • HR: Growing momentum towards a new mandate
  • People analytics: Gaining speed
  • Digital HR: Revolution, not evolution
  • The gig economy: Distraction or disruption?

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