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New METÁR tender announced, large number of applicants expected

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority („HEA”) has published the Tender documentation and Information on the Second METÁR tender on 15 July 2020. HUF 800 million will be distributed for 390 GWh electricity production in course of the second METÁR tender. Similarly to previous tenders, large number of applicants are expected.

HEA continued to publish the tender in two categories, regarding which the capacity of the second was extended compared to the first METÁR tender: in the category less than 1MW 40 GWh may be distributed annually, while in the category between 1 MW and 49,99 MW 350 GWh may be distributed annually.

The maximum value of the Bid Price that may be validly submitted by the applicants is HUF 26, 70 / kWh. The duration of the subsidy is 15 years for each of the applicants, however such period might be reduced in case of using other, and non-premium type subsidies.

Binding templates shall be used for proving the availability of the Tender guarantee and the Performance guarantee during the procedure.

The application period will take place between September 15, 2020 and October 15, 2020.

We expect significant interest on behalf of developers and investors for the second METÁR tender, primarily regarding solar power plant projects, since they can achieve more favorable returns with the subsidy, giving more predictability to cash flow against the volatility of market prices

stated Mr. Tamás Pazsiczky, Director of Energy and Resources Advisory of Deloitte. 

HEA has published the results of the first METÁR tender, announced in September of 2019, on March 27, 2020. The number of the first tender applications exceeded 160, of which 72 were approved, who will receive electricity-production subsidies for 15 years.

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