The second METÁR tender is expected this summer

Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) has published the final result of the first METÁR tender on the 27th of 2020, announced in September 2019. The number of bids submitted for the first invitation to tender exceeded the 160, out of which 72 tenders were announced as winners. The winner applicants will receive electricity subsidy for 15 years.

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology requested the HEA to launch the second METÁR Tender. The second METÁR Tender is expected to be announced in July 2020, and based on the experiences of the first METÁR tender, it will be finalized during winter. Due to the large number of applications submitted in the first Metár Tender, the amount of energy announced in the second METÁR tender will be increased, therefore the subsidy will be distributed in respect of the amount of 390 GWh electricity power.
Primarily at solar projects Deloitte expects significant interest from developers and investors at the second METAR tender. The METAR tariff helps in reaching higher rate of return and make the cash flows more predictable against the volatility of market prices.

If you need further support in the participation of the Metár Tender or if you have any question concerning electricity power transactions, please contact the energy law practice group of Deloitte Legal Göndöcz and Partners Law Firm or the Consulting Team of Deloitte Zrt.

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