Human Capital Trends 2016


Human Capital Trends 2016

Are Canadian leaders out of sync?

It’s time to rethink the design of our organizations and embrace new ways of working. Yet Canadian respondents to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends seem more focused on engagement and culture. Why are Canadian leaders out of sync with their business’ needs?

Powerful forces—demographic changes, digital technologies, business model innovation and the evolving relationship between employers and employees—are creating talent challenges and solutions radically different from anything we’ve ever seen.

As the way we work changes, the way we design our organizations must also change—yet our 2016 survey of human capital trends suggests Canadian companies don’t fully realize this yet.

Our survey results find Canadian executives and HR leaders more focused on engagement and culture than ever before: 91% of Canadian respondents see engagement as a top priority this year, with culture a close second (90%). Organizational design? Fourth.

Our conclusion? Canadian executives and HR leaders are out of sync with the needs of their business. They need to look beyond culture and engagement and rapidly address how operating models and supporting designs are impacting the company’s ability to compete and respond. Those that evolve the design of their organizations will boost their efforts to move the needle on culture, engagement, talent and leadership.

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