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Deloitte Legal Erdős and Partners Law Firm received "The Tax Law Firm of the Year" award

Press release

Budapest, 2016. december 20.

Deloitte Legal Erdős and Partners Law Firm, led by attorney and partner associate Dr. Mihály Harcos, has been named the best legal team in tax law by global information services company Wolters Kluwer.

Under the leadership of Harcos, who joined the firm only at the beginning of the year, Erdős and Partners has been able to protect clients of Deloitte in Hungary on numerous occasions this year in cases involving the tax authorities, which “significantly contributed to the efficient legal protection of businesses” in the country, the press statement issued by Deloitte notes.

It is an honor that, beyond the positive feedback related to the services offered to our clients, we have also been able to perform well in such a competition,said Harcos. He noted that the category in which the firm was able to win had strong applicants, “therefore it is a great success that the award has been won by Deloitte Legal."

A csapat szakértői hatékonyan képviselik ügyfeleiket az adóhatósággal szemben indított bírósági jogorvoslati eljárásokban, az elsőfokú peres eljárástól a Kúria előtti felülvizsgálati eljárásig, továbbá az Alkotmánybíróság és az Európai Unió Bírósága előtti eljárásokban.

Deloitte Legal's expert

dr. Mihály Harcos, attorney, partner associate

Mihály is an attorney-at-law, Partner Associate. He joined Deloitte Legal Erdős and Partners Law Firm in 2016 as leader of the tax litigation practice. The professionals comprising the group provide comprehensive assistance in legal disputes involving the tax authority from tax audits through administrative remedies to judicial proceedings. As a tax lawyer, Mihály regularly represent clients in tax litigations. Before joining Deloitte Legal, Mihály worked at international law firms and he also gained experience at Deloitte Hungary’s Tax department between 2006 and 2008. He is a lawyer, and also a certified tax advisor. Mihály is member of the Budapest Bar since 2008, he speaks English fluently.

dr. Mihály Harcos

dr. Mihály Harcos
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