Legal solutions for managing and transferring private wealth

Deloitte’s client base is not limited to companies only: we also offer assistance to business owners with their private legal matters. Our goal is to offer bespoke solutions to clients who are wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs, which is why we established the Deloitte Private team.

Deloitte Legal’s professionals assist our clients mainly in separating private wealth from business wealth, establishing the legal protection of private wealth, optimising the legal conditions of use, and transferring private wealth.

This includes the planning and establishment of

  • personal holding companies,
  • private investment funds,
  • private foundations, and
  • trust contracts, 

both in Hungary and abroad.

Furthermore, our professionals also deal with the legal modelling and documentation of transactions within families, including, in particular, the following topics:

  • developing a legal framework for wealth transfers within families, as well as high-value gifts and conditional benefits;
  • drafting and documenting family constitutions; and
  • drafting wills, even when it involves international considerations.

Where required, our experts work with professionals from Deloitte’s various service lines (tax advisory, financial advisory, accounting advisory, etc.) to work out an optimal solution for our clients.

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Deloitte Private is a group of international experts created within the Deloitte network that provides specific advisory services to wealthy individuals and family-owned businesses.

Deloitte Private

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dr. Gábor Baranyi


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