Tombstone 2016 - SC Bancpost S.A.

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SC Bancpost, S.A., Eurobank Ergasias S.A.




Eurobank's Romanian subsidiary bank sold its portfolio of non-performing consumer loans with a face value of EUR 600 million.
Deloitte provided transaction services to SC Bancpost S.A.
SC Bancpost S.A.

Our expert's thoughts:

"The sale of the non-performing retail consumer loan portfolio of Eurobank's Romanian subsidiary bank was the largest unsecured retail portfolio transaction in the region in 2016. The transaction significantly contributed to the cleanup of Bancpost's portfolio. Working with our Greek and English colleagues, we managed to capitalise on the improving macroeconomic and market trends and come to an agreement with the investors which also favoured the bank. We managed to maintain the investors' trust in the seller throughout the one-year-long transaction, benefiting both members of the buyer consortium through the transparent process conducted by Deloitte and the efficient flow of information."

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