Aberdeen Asset Management & Intertoll - Tombstone 2016

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Aberdeen Infrastructure Fund entered into a joint venture owning minority stakes in the project companies operating the A1 motorway in Poland and stages of the M6 and M60 motorways in Hungary.

Deloitte acted as financial advisor to Aberdeen Infrastructure Funds in the transaction.

Aberdeen Asset Management & Intertoll

Our Expert's thoughts:

"Group Five has entered into a strategic joint venture (JV) alliance with Aberdeen Infrastructure Funds (AIF) that acquired a 49.99% stake in Group Five’s European investment and concession assets through the JV. The newly established Intertoll Capital Partners company owns 15% equity stake in Gdansk Transport Company operating the A1 motorway in Poland, and 10% equity stake in Mecsek Autopalya Koncesszios Zrt. operating sections of the M6 and M60 motorways in Hungary."