Deloitte-Scale Bankindex


Deloitte-Scale Bankindex

Focusing on consumer habits in retail banking

Joint representative survey by Deloitte and Scale Research on consumer habits in retail banking

Our experts with wide experience of the banking sector and relying on the historical, representative data of BankIndex are available for both individual/targeted analysis and strategic cooperation. Knowing the current trends of banking habits can be a major competitive advantage.

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The sample studied can be segmented according to a number of variables such as gender, age, school qualification, occupation, settlement type, household size, major bank, etc.

In addition to these conventional demographic indicators, the study enables the analysis of several other relevant background variables such as:

  • Regular savings capacity
  • Bank relations
  • Use of product channels
  • Ad awareness
  • Measurement of financial awareness
  • Pricing sensitivity

Deloitte-Scale Bankindex


Studies the details of banking habits

Focuses on 3 indices: consumer sentiment concerning spending, savings, borrowing

Regular, monthly data collection for the study of current topics (sample of 1000/topic)

Historical data
Data collection since 2008

Country-wide, personal interviews by interviewers using a sample of 6000 annually, 75% of which are customers with bank relations.

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