Deloitte European Property Index


European Property Index 2016

Overview of European Residential Markets

Deloitte is publishing its Real Estate Index for the fifth time. The survey analyses the real estate market of 19 countries in 2015. It is still the Czech Republic among the Central European countries where average real estate prices are the highest and yet it is the Czech people who can afford to buy a home of their own the fastest, if we take average salaries. In Hungary, more than 7 years (7.6) of average salary must be set aside to purchase a new apartment of 70m2 size whilst in the Czech Republic you need to save money for 6.9 years and in Germany half the time (3.3 years) for that purpose.

Our goal is to provide you with European residential market data. How do Europeans live, and how much does it cost them?

Key findings:

  • New apartments are still cheaper in Hungary than in the Czech Republic or Poland
  • You can afford to buy an apartment of 105 m2 in the Czech Republic, 181 m2 in Poland while 196 m2 in Hungary from € 200,000
  • Real estate prices increased most in Ireland (27%) and Israel (10.8%)
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