A world-wide known cybersecurity summit with a history of 18 years, which brings together the official and alternative representatives of the information security profession. This time it is more special to us than ever, as one of the main topics is Automotive Cyber Security which is one of our focuses as well. Discover our programs, learn more about our services and don’t forget to check our open roles!

About us

As one of the market leaders in cyber, we are here to help you by combining the strengths of a diverse team to offer our clients integral cyber services, from consulting to implementation and operations. In doing so, we adapt our solutions to the actual business risks and the rapidly evolving threat landscape to accelerate growth and navigate into a cyber-empowered future, by managing threat and steering through challenges responsibly. Resilience is the most important asset for an organization in today’s increasingly complex world.


Specialized services focusing on automotive security. The scope includes complete cars as well as individual ECUs. Testing activities address investigation on electronics and firmware level, in-vehicle automotive buses like CAN, Automotive Ethernet or Flexray and the connected vehicle ecosystem.


Testing and evaluation of off-the-shelf electronics products, IoT, automotive or healthcare devices and electronics. Typical projects include:

• Circuit level testing a.k.a. hardware hacking
• Firmware level assessment
• Bus and interface testing, including internal and external communication channels
• Application and backend testing


We cover the security needs of complex industrial environments, from the shop floor to the product and its backend environment too. The range of tests include, but is not limited to:

• Penetration testing on application and network-level
• Shop floor infrastructure security assessment
• Network segmentation and configuration review
• Hardware-level security testing of Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices
• Simulation of ransomware and APT attacks


Simulate complex, real-world-like cyber-attacks including social engineering (e.g. spear phishing or physical intrusion), assumed breach scenarios, external or internal attacker simulations or focused scenarios for high risk applications and systems.


Focuses on web, API, mobile and binary applications penetration testing. Besides discovering typical vulnerabilities, we also tests application logic flows and apply advanced techniques (e.g., reverse engineering).


Infrastructure level testing of external perimeters or entire internal networks (e.g. office or production zone), including wireless systems, desktop security review for standard office laptops/workstations or remote access solutions, such as Citrix/VDI desktop or breakout tests for application virtualization or breakout tests for specialized kiosk solutions, such as ATMs, or HMI devices in medical or industrial facilities.


We provide expertise and highly specialized resources to support clients in all aspects of forensic scenarios, including prevention, detection and investigation in the following areas:

• Digital evidence acquisition
• Digital evidence analysis
• Forensic archiving
• E-Discovery
• Complete forensic investigation
• Non-technical investigation services
• Fraudulent-case consultancy services
• Interview training
• Deloitte Halo whistleblowing solution


When in need, we offer our quick response team for security incidents and breaches, including:

• On-site security support
• Forensic investigation and malware analysis
• System hardening
• Recovery / Data recovery / Service recovery

Take a look behind the scenes and check our CyberLab, where we literally hack cars, automotive components and even the whole connected vehicle ecosystems.