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Forensic services

Cyber Risk Services

Fraud is present in many organisations. However, we often encounter weak responses to fraud incidents. These include emotional reactions, delays due to internal discussions on responsibilities, and internal investigations without knowledge of legal pitfalls.

Our forensic services experts provide:

  • Strong, remote, third-level support - to help your staff and management assess an incident or threat and provide guidance for tactical risk mitigation
  • Remote or on-site expert help for immediate incident containment
  • A professional team for root-cause analysis, continuous improvement of incident response procedures, and assistance in complex investigations
  • Specially trained experts in forensics to ensure legally accepted evidence for disciplinary action and litigation

When we assist clients with computer forensics and incident response, our goal is to:

  • Deal with the situation in a manner that reduces the potential impact to the organisation
  • Provide management with sufficient information to help the decision on an appropriate course of action
  • Maintain or restore business continuity with minimal loss of data
  • Prevent reoccurrence and structurally defend against similar cases
  • Deter attacks through investigation, disciplinary action and possibly prosecution

Why Deloitte?

  • We provide a very strong team with the expertise gained through other assignments to complement your internal expertise, combined with a world-wide network of experts for speedy on-site interventions.
  • We provide the fresh look of a third-party expert who has helped contain a variety of computer incidents, and collected forensic evidence to resolve a variety of fraud cases.
  • We work hand-in-hand with your staff in a coaching role, thereby building on their experience and resources, supplemented by our team’s deep expertise on security, operational risk and legal constraints.
  • We help out during crisis situations as the expert who is independent of the operational duties and the organisation and who helps understand the long-term consequences of immediate actions.
  • We work within a well-defined framework so as to minimise operational disruptions and the leakage of private and sensitive information.