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Global Indirect Tax News

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August 2017

Asia Pacific

  • China: A circular has been issued introducing a new supervision model for processing trade in nine pilot ports.
  • Indonesia: The Director General of Customs and Excise has issued an amendment to the regulation regarding guidelines on the implementation of the import of postal goods.
  • Malaysia: The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) has made an announcement regarding the GST treatment of repair charges under warranty claims. 
  • Malaysia: Suppliers will be relieved from charging GST for services supplied under contracts with their customers that do not belong in Malaysia (subject to specific conditions) for certain categories of supplies. 
  • Malaysia: A number of RMCD guides have been amended. 
  • Malaysia: There is an update from the December 2016 GST Technical Committee. 
  • Malaysia: Additional information is now available in relation to the 'Electronic Information System'.
  • Malaysia: The Tourism Tax will take effect on 1 September 2017. 
  • South Korea: A new Foreign Exchange Transaction Law entered into force on 18 July 2017.


  • EU: There have been changes in alcohol denaturing procedures for excise duty exemption.
  • Belgium: The Government has announced a plan to introduce optional VAT on immovable letting. 
  • Belgium: From 1 August 2017, there will be an electronic control system for the VAT exemption available to diplomats in Belgium.
  • Finland: The Tax Account Online service will be shut down permanently on 31 August 2017.
  • Finland: The Supreme Administrative Court has ruled on the VAT exemption of cargo services supplied at an earlier stage in the commercial chain.
  • Finland: The Supreme Administrative Court has ruled on the deductibility of costs relating to the sale of shares. 
  • Germany: The Federal Tax Court has ruled on the VAT treatment of supplies via consignment stock.
  • Greece: A new reverse charge mechanism has been introduced, and there are other recent changes to the VAT rules. 
  • Italy: The tax authorities have released guidelines regarding the calculation of reduced penalties under the voluntary regularization procedure. 
  • Italy: Customs has provided clarifications regarding applications for repayment and remission of customs duties.
  • Netherlands: The mandatory reverse charge rule for telecommunication services is expected to apply from 1 September 2017. 
  • Netherlands: The Government has launched an internet consultation on the definition of 'medicine' for VAT purposes.
  • Poland: A new draft bill has been published regarding the proposed VAT split payment mechanism. 
  • Poland: The Ministry of Finance has published a reminder concerning mandatory bad debt relief for purchasers. 
  • Poland: Following changes to the VAT law concerning the methodology for input VAT recovery on reverse charge transactions from 1 January 2017, incorrect reporting of the reverse charge is now more easily identified by the tax authorities. 
  • Poland: There has been a Supreme Administrative Court ruling on the tax point for continuous supplies. 
  • Poland: The Government plans to increase the 8% VAT rate with respect to certain medical related products. 
  • Portugal: Further to the implementation of the new system for the VAT exemption for the export of goods by a traveler who is a non-resident in the EU (tax free), the tax authorities have made available on their website instructions and technical specifications for compliance. 
  • Portugal: In the context of the new reverse charge mechanism for the VAT due on the import of goods which will come into effect on 1 September 2017, the VAT return refund annexes have been updated and the tax authorities have released a new functionality on their website. 
  • Romania: According to a draft Government Ordinance, VAT split payment will apply in Romania from 1 October 2017. 
  • Russia: There have been amendments to the draft law regarding the application of the 0% VAT rate to exporters. 
  • Russia: The Government of the Russian Federation is considering a draft law on the introduction of an exemption from VAT for supplies of gold.
  • Russia: Under a draft law, the Government will be authorized to define a list of services related to aircraft maintenance that are exempt from VAT.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Finance has clarified VAT deduction on the acquisition of property. 
  • Russia: From 30 August 2017, the Government will be able to prohibit the import of certain goods into Russia. 
  • Russia: Restrictions have been introduced on the importation of ozone depleting substances.
  • South Africa: There are safeguarding duties on certain flat hot-rolled steel products. 
  • United Kingdom: Changes to the VAT use and enjoyment rules for telecommunication services will apply from 1 November 2017.
  • United Kingdom: A Tribunal has ruled on the application of a penalty imposed by the tax authorities under the Senior Accounting Officer regime. 
  • United Kingdom: Under Making Tax Digital, the Government's proposal to introduce a system of digital tax accounts for use by taxpayers, businesses will be required to provide their VAT information to the UK tax authorities through MTD software with effect from April 2019. 
  • United Kingdom: The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has been published. 
  • United Kingdom: The Government has published a position paper, in which it sets out its aspirations to facilitate the 'most frictionless trade possible' between the UK and the European Union after the UK leaves the EU. 
  • Eurasian Economic Union: There has been a decrease in the rates of import customs duty for certain goods.
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