Transfer Pricing Quick Scan


Transfer Pricing Quick Scan

Request the TP Quick Scan in time

You can relax. Ask for TP Quick Scan still before the tax authority arrives.

Are you sure that your company is not about to become subject to material default penalty (up to HUF 2-4 million per related transaction per year)? Have you correctly assessed your inter-company pricing practice (used arm’s length prices) in order to avoid potential tax shortages? We would be pleased to assess your transfer pricing risks. It is as easy as completing a brief questionnaire with our assistance and providing us with the relevant background. Following this step you can leave the rest in the capable hands of Deloitte’s experts.

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Transfer Pricing Quick Scan Light

Feel free to choose our Transfer Pricing Quick Scan Light service package in order to identify the inherent formal risks in your transfer pricing documentation. Thus we can pinpoint your company’s potential exposure to a default penalty. The Light review package only takes a few days to complete and requires a minimal effort on your part.

transfer pricing quick scan

Transfer Pricing Quick Scan Standard

Our Transfer Pricing Quick Scan Standard package contains all the elements of the Light package but it is upgraded by the inclusion of a mapping process which identifies risks in terms of content. Based on a well-structured and focused methodology built on Deloitte’s audit and advance pricing agreement (APA) experience, we examine the most typical transfer pricing issues based on the information available at the company. This review may uncover the risk of a potential tax authority assessment in relation to transfer pricing issues.

The review is not meant to identify all the transfer pricing risks of the company. TP Quick Scan assesses whether a transfer pricing team - based on the available or easily presentable information and a reasonable timeframe - could identify any areas which require further investigation or may potentially lead to tax authority findings. This service of Deloitte does not qualify as expressing an opinion regarding the arm's length nature of the prices applied.

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