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The Transfer Pricing practices within Deloitte member firms combine the global experience of tax professionals and economic and financial consultants to help multinational enterprises address their transfer pricing issues in the various jurisdictions in which they operate. Deloitte Hungary's transfer pricing professionals help multinational companies to price their intercompany transactions, such as sales of goods, the provision of services, and transfers of intangible property, and to document, support, and defend the pricing for such transactions.

István Veszprémi


dr. Göndöcz Péter

Hedvig Tóth 

Director, Head of Transfer Pricing

+36 30 515 5037

dr. Göndöcz Péter

Péter Gémesi


+36 20 359 0296

dr. Göndöcz Péter

Judit Helybély


+36 20 934 8271

dr. Baranyi Gábor

Balázs Prágay-Szabó

Senior manager

+36 20 577 3720

Al Sallami Linda

Zsófia Hankó


+36 20 340 7820

Csider Magdolna

Ádám Molnár


+36 20 429 0115

dr. Szauter Ákos
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