GDPR szolgáltatások


GDPR related services

Successful preparation and business development

GDPR fundamentally transforms data processing. Pursuant to the EU regulation effective as of May 2018, companies need to reconsider their data processes for their whole operation.

Prepare for the changes with Deloitte to exploit business development opportunities while ensuring compliance with the new rules.

How can we help?

1. GDPR status assessment and gap analysis

  • Review of the company's data processing activities, organisation and technology controls and relating documents, and identification of deficiencies compared to GDPR.
  • Mapping expected business impact.

Delivery of a well structured, transparent report as a result of the review. 


2. Draw up a preparation plan

Preparation of a complex plan for your company based on the GDPR status assessment and gap analysis. The aim of this service is to propose a tailored preparation plan optimal in terms of time and resources and – in addition to compliance – to identify business opportunities.

3. Support during the implementation of the preparation plan

  • Developing a data protection scheme, including
    • preparation and updating of policies
    • preparation and updating of data processing records
  • Development or transformation of related internal data protection and other processes (e.g. risk management, incident management)
    Development or transformation of IT and technology data protection controls
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) of the data processing activities
  • Evaluating data protection agreements (statements, data processing contracts, general business terms, outsourcing etc.), drafting amendments, optionally with respect to group level contracts (e.g. BCR).
  • Support for exploiting business opportunities

4. Strengthening the data protection culture

  • Tailored data protection training (educational materials, potentially broken down to positions)
  • Planning and implementation of internal data protection campaigns
  • Cooperation in the development of internal and external communication panels

5. Performing the tasks of a data protection officer

Project Leading Partner

Csaba Márkus

Csaba Márkus


Csaba is a Partner at Deloitte’s Tax department, leading the R&D and government incentives service line and the GDPR team. He has worked on a variety of EU legal and advisory matters for the European ... More