Deloitte Immigration Expatriate Management Services

Ensuring a smooth transition

Global assignments have proven to carry considerable costs and effort for companies involved in expatriate placements. In answer to this challenge, Deloitte Tax and Legal has expanded their Global Employment Service offering to include Expatriate Management Service

The aim of this service is to ensure that the employee and his/her family will feel comfortable and confident to begin their new lives in Hungary. In turn, this will lead to a faster turnaround period for the employee, assuring an increased productivity rate at the start of the new project.

Expatriate Management Services

The service consists of the business process associated with the transfer of an assignee and their family to Hungary - providing a seamless and effective integration into the new community, including home finding, school search and complete settling in services. 

The relocation process typically begins with the planning and execution of the transfer of the employee, followed by the post-transfer support provided in the host country, and ends with the departure services. 

Although this process relates to the employee and his or her family, it usually originates in the company’s strategy to either expand its business operations or invest in the skills transfer required for the management of foreign operations.

The various aspects of the relocation of an employee have a multitude of effects on a company’s human resources, tax, financial and payroll operations. The services provided in the expatriate management offering aims to address these various aspects for both the company and employee. Deloitte is committed to providing professional expatriate management services and relieves the company of all organizational matters, contributing to cost and time savings.

Initial consultation

This is the planning phase of the relocation process and serves to ensure that the employee’s time spent on their first visit to Hungary is optimized as far as possible. After filling in the Analysis Datasheet, an initial telephone consultation is conducted with the employee and their family, discussing their lifestyle preferences and needs. During this consultation the details of the relocation process are explained and the employee and his/her family are informed of what they can expect from the service offering.


Scout visit

This visit typically lasts one to two days, and makes provision for an overview of the services that will be provided to the employee. Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, suggested options are compiled that would best suit the individual/family needs, and visits are planned accordingly. At the end of the scout visit the employee will be in the position to make key decisions in terms of his/her preference for schooling, residence and other areas, for which planning is required before relocation.

Home search, Schooling overview, Settling in and Departure services

Home search
  • Looking for a new home is usually an exciting and emotional time for expatriates. Finding the right home is the key to a happy and productive relocation. We take the time to understand the expatriate’s unique needs.
  • After a detailed analysis of the family’s requirements, we will select suitable properties for viewing and help navigate the local leasing procedures.
  • Our home search services basically include:
    • Need Analysis
    • Home Search Assistance
    • Accompanied Home Search
    • Hand-over Assistance
    • Hand-back Assistance
  • With our Legal Team we can assist in the following:
    • Lease Negotiation, Renewal or Termination
    • Consultancy and Preparation/Review of Lease Agreements

Tenancy Management

Once the home search stage has been completed, Deloitte can provide ongoing support services for the duration of the lease.

These tenancy services can include:

  • Lease Compliance

Ensure that provisions agreed with landlord are completed prior to occupancy

  • Inspection Report

Provision of a detailed report including digital photos of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy period.

  • Tenancy Consultation

Advise the tenant of all obligations and duties they are responsible for under the terms of the lease agreement.

  • Connection Services

Assist with applications for utilities (gas, electricity, water & sewage, telephone, internet, cable TV).

  • Security Deposit Management

Payment administration and collection at lease termination.

  • Lease Tracking

Tracking of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease renegotiation dates.

  • Cancellation Services

Assist with the termination of utilities (gas, electricity, water & sewage, telephone, internet, cable TV).

  • Handy-man services

Settling In Services

When the move has been completed, the families are more focused on finding their place in the community and starting a new life in their new host country. The list of items which can be addressed in settling-in services is endless but making the families feel at home in their new environment.

Deloitte can provide support in a wide range of needs:

  • Bank account set up
  • Insurance set up
  • Finding domestic help (cleaner, housekeeper, baby sitter)
  • Language training
  • Assistance with auto rental and purchase
  • Furniture purchase advice
  • Orientation

School and Nursery School Search

Caring about the children’s proper education often determines where a family will live and may be the first decision an assignee needs to make.

Families need to consider whether they want their children to attend local schools or international schools. Based on the Analysis Datasheet, Deloitte’s consultants work closely with families to:

  • Provide an in-depth briefing to discuss requirements and provide an overview of educational options available
  • Discuss available schooling options
  • Assist the assignee in creating a shortlist of schools, and make appointments with school Heads/Deans of Administration
  • Provide employee with a detailed schedule of appointments for school visits
  • Provide assistance with registration procedures

Departure Services

The final phase is often an overlooked part of relocation services. The move and the details of departure can be a time-consuming process, negatively impacting on the employees’ services delivery during the final phase of their project. During this phase the relocation team will ensure that all necessary transfers, cancellation procedures and closures are being completed on a legal basis.

This usually includes matter such as:

  • Assistance with mail forwarding
  • Assistance with selling private vehicles
  • Property clean and repairs, if required
  • Check-out services
  • Closure of utilities
  • Lease termination and negotiation of Deposit Return
  • Bank and insurance cancellation
  • Furniture resale assistance
  • De-registering with legal and tax authorities

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