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Economic growth, intricate supply and vendor chains, as well as the new and ever more sophisticated VAT rules together with tax authorities' increasing focus on VAT necessarily led to increasing VAT management risks both on global and local levels.

In this changed market environment, a set of tools suitable for risk management and process optimisation is indispensable for the successful operation of companies.

SMARTReview, Deloitte's VAT technology solution provides consistent diagnostics for companies on potential VAT risks and related fields that require development. Using this tool enables a thorough, system-level, cost-efficient and structured overview of VAT obligations.

The solution available online presents risks and opportunities in a visualised and clear-cut form and suggests measures accordingly. The audit assesses risks arising from the adoption of VAT rules, as well as from internal bookkeeping and filing processes.

Another benefit of the technology is that it can compare the performance of several subsidiaries, taxable entities.

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