About us


TAXDialogue is Deloitte Hungary’s self-developed technology solution designed to create a user-friendly, interactive communication platform for businesses, making the processes of calculation and filing of corporate income tax, local business tax, and innovation contribution easier and more efficient.

This tax technology solution allows you access to a standardised process management platform, which stores the information related to individual tasks in one place, replacing huge amounts of e-mail correspondence and the sharing of confidential information through e-mail.

Why TAXDialogue?

  • User-friendly web-based portal that helps specifically with compliance with corporate income tax.
  • Integrated processes that guide you through all the steps necessary for the successful preparation of filings.
  • Integrated reminders to keep users up-to-date at all times.
  • The platform stores your confidential business information meeting the latest IT security expectations.
  • It provides significantly more information to the Company regarding tax filings, ensures completeness, enhances accuracy, and, being an interactive platform, simplifies communication for the parties involved in the process.
  • All information important for the Company is available in the system regarding its use and the compliance process.
  • It helps the Company in a transparent way, presenting the potential tax benefits and tax base reductions it may benefit from in the given year.
  • An interactive Help Function (available by clicking on the question mark in the top right corner of the screen) is available for first use and also later if any questions arise in connection with the platform.
  • The content of the survey changes dynamically based on the answers given by the Company, so that only questions relevant for the Company are displayed and less time is needed.
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