inside magazine issue 18


Inside Magazine - Issue 18

June 2018 - COO, CHRO, CEO & CFO

In this edition, we focus on some of the disruptive trends that capture our attention, and on how firms can capitalize on their strategy and their people to better evolve and build foundations for the future. Market game-changers and technical innovations as well as regulatory perspectives will continue to affect your daily activities and results. Achieving full digital transformation requires new technologies, new processes, and a transcendent change. We hope the vision you will find in the following pages will give you the necessary overview to position yourself and to conduct the needed shift. Simultaneously, despite low interest rates, market volatility, and client sophistication, firms will see new regulations (and above all, MiFID II) as an opportunity instead of a threat. You will find some concrete and meaningful examples present in this edition.

However, at the end of the day, organizations that will succeed are those that triumph in combining the best of the digital and the best of the human. Firms must hence implement a cultural shift that is as important as the innovation shift. Whether that is strategy, added value, or questioning, it is all about people; staff education, training, as well as management practices have never been as critical as today in adding value to your business.

There is no single technology or approach that will enable your organization to move into the digital age and remain up to speed with continuously evolving regulations. Conversely, firms must engage in an ongoing process of identifying how they can adapt to the disruptive trends and new regulations through their workforce and strategy. This will be the necessary key possessed by the leaders of tomorrow.

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Part 01 | From market game-changers & tech innovations perspectives

Part 02 | From a regulatory perspective

Part 03 | From corporate strategies & people perspectives

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