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Corporate social responsibility

As a professional service firm, Deloitte Japan aim to contribute to the development of society through various activities based on our corporate philosophy. There are 4 mainstays shown below as Deloitte Japan CSR policy. For community and society, Consideration for the environment, Development of human resources, Professional services for clients

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Deloitte Japan CSR activities

We engage in the following CSR activities.

Support for Great East Japan Earthquake

•Support the Devastated Area

1. Contributions to the children who lost their parents and/or nurse in the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In January 2012, volunteer partners and staff of Deloitte Japan commenced and have been continuing regular contributions through payroll giving to the children who lost their parents and/or nurse in the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We plan to continue this program until December 2016.
In addition to these voluntary contributions, Sendai office of Deloitte Japan contributed a certain percentage of its net service revenues to the Central Community Chest of Japan, part of the United Way worldwide network from 2014 and will continue this program for the following 4 consecutive fiscal years.

2. Launch of reconstruction supporting team at Sendai office to contribute to the economic reconstruction of the seriously affected areas in Tohoku.

To promote smooth and effective reconstructions of the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake, the reconstruction supporting team is collaborating with the local governments, financial institutions, and NPO, and deliver supporting services to the affected companies.

In addition to these service deliveries, they contribute to the reconstructions of local economies through supporting entrepreneurs in planning and developing their innovative products and services.


For Community and Society

•Educational Support through Expertise (Support of Education Program / Internship Program)
•Conserve Forests and Urban Beautification (Afforestation and River Cleaning / Urban Beautification / Forest of Tohmatsu / Planting flowers at Hibiya Park)
•Charity Campaign ( FIT charity Run / Support to Developing Countries / Assent of WWF and WFP)

Consideration for the environment

•Activity for the Reduction of CO2 / Energy Saving
•Resource saving, Recycle and Green Procurement

Development of human resources

•Work-Life Balance (Twin Project)
•Employment of challenged (Tohmatsu Challenged)
•Policy on Human Resources

Professional services for clients

•Service related to CSR (CSR consulting / Reviews on Environmental & CSR Reports / CSR Environmental News)

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