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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Deloitte Japan is committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability

Deloitte Japan is committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. Working in innovative ways with government, non-profit organizations, and civil society, we are designing and delivering solutions that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Deloitte Japan l Corporate Responsibility Policy

Deloitte Japan have much to contribute to public policy, business, and society throughout the world. Commitment to our local communities and the wider society. As such, we respect human dignity and expand our capabilities through inclusion and cultural diversity. We promote the highest levels of ethical behavior, advance education and culture, and advocate sustainable use of natural resources and respect for the environment.

We demonstrate this through:

● Investments in our people
● The advice and services we provide to clients
● Environmentally sustainable operations
● Commitment to our local communities and the wider society.


WorldClass is Deloitte's global initiative to empower 100 million people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy by 2030 in three areas: education, skills, and opportunities.

Aligned with this, Deloitte Japan is also promoting various initiatives with
the aim to impact two million people by 2030.

Support for Great East Japan Earthquake 2011

Reconstruction support activities for the disaster-stricken East Japan region

To promote smooth and effective reconstructions of the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake, the reconstruction supporting team is  collaborating with the local governments, financial institutions, and NPO, and deliver supporting services to the affected companies. In addition to these service deliveries, they contribute to the reconstructions of local economies through supporting entrepreneurs in planning and developing their innovative products and services. 
We leverage our reconstruction activities having been led by our professionals over the last years with a focus on developing “talent”, “the community” and “jobs” and maximize the recognition of our lasting WorldClass impacts from the activities.

Donation for orphan foundations of the Great East Japan Earthquake 

In January 2012, volunteer partners and staff of Deloitte Japan commenced and have been continuing regular contributions through payroll giving to the  children who lost their parents and/or nurse in the Great East Japan  Earthquake. We plan to continue this program until December 2021. In addition to these voluntary contributions, Deloitte Japan contributed a certain percentage of its net service revenues to the Central Community Chest of Japan, part of the United Way worldwide network from 2014.

For Community and Society

Educational Support through Expertise
● Support of Education Programs are run in association with Junior  Achievement Japan
● Provide work experience program at our office for junior high or high school students

Sponsorship for NGO and various charity events

● WWF Japan
 Japan Association for the World Food Programme
● TABLE FOR TWO International
● FIT charity Run

Pro bono client services for NGO and NPO
● To support the NPO working for solving various social problems, Deloitte  Japan provides consulting services.

Various activities we can participate in our office

We offer our professionals various WorldClass opportunities to participate in, for example, collecting and selling used books and donating their proceeds to NPOs that promote youth employment, selling lunch boxes and beverages with donations that support the provision of school meals in developing countries, etc.
● Book donation for WorldClass (In Japanese)
● Collecting PET bottle caps and used stamps in ou office (In Japanese)
● Selling lunch boxes and beverages with donations that support for TABLE FOR  TWO International

Environmental sustainability

As a global organization whose business activities have an impact on the environment, Deloitte has an important role to play in environmental stewardship. more
● Activity for the Reduction of CO2
● Energy Saving
● Resource saving, Recycle and Green Procurement

Deloitte Supplier Code of Conduct

Deloitte Supplier Code of Conduct


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